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How to Count Lines of a File by Command Line

Need to get the line count of a text file or document? Counting lines of any file is easy at the command line, and the command for line counting is the same in all modern Unix based operating systems, meaning this line counting trick will work the same on Mac OS and Mac OS X, … Read More

Apple lines up Manchester City star as sport ambassador

Apple is planning to make a big advertising push during the 2016 UEFA European Championship football tournament, and Raheem Sterling could be the star of the company’s ads. Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling is reportedly close to signing a deal with Apple to become its first ever global sports ambassador from England, but the entire deal […]

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iPhone 7 may bid farewell to ugly antenna lines

The iPhone 7, set to arrive this September, is likely to ditch the ugly antenna bands which have hung around since 2014’s iPhone 6 — according to a new leaked image which has appeared online. Check it out below: If Apple does get rid of its antenna bands, this could relate to a patent Apple filed earlier […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Pay in the UK: Prepare to blow some minds, hold up lines

Apple Pay rolled out in the U.K. this week, letting a bunch more people start paying for snacks, clothes, and commutes with their late-model Apple gear. It’s all very neat and exciting, but our friends should get ready for some…Read more ›

Apple’s new material will eliminate iPhone’s unsightly antenna lines

Apple’s been using antenna lines in its smartphones ever since the days of the iPhone 4 and antenna-gate, but a new patent filed by the company could soon make those unsightly lines disappear for good. In a new patent filed…Read more ›

iPhone 6 lines in NYC are still bigger than big a month after launch

Tim Cook called the iPhone 6 the fastest-selling smartphone in history during yesterday’s Apple event. It’s set a new high-water mark for the most first-month orders ever, and if you need any more evidence, just look at this line outside the…Read more ›

Video shows how black market took over the iPhone 6 lines

In many places around the world, around the first 50 people in line waiting for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last week appeared to be resellers – looking to make a quick (and relatively easy) buck selling Apple’s next generation iPhone…Read more ›

iPhone 6 resellers crowd out Apple fans at front of lines

SAN FRANCISCO — Since Apple won’t be selling the iPhone 6 in China for some time, early buyers of the smartphone have an opportunity to make a quick profit by reselling the hot handset on the gray market. The first…Read more ›

Crazy lines for the iPhone 6 get bigger than big

Sure, folks have been lining up for several days now, causing equal parts consternation and praise. With pre-orders selling out soon after Apple started taking them, leading to record amounts of pre-sales, it’s no wonder that the lines at Apple…Read more ›

iPhone 6 production lines almost ready to roll

A new report coming of China suggests that the eagerly-anticipated iPhone 6 is currently in the PVT (Product Validation Test) stage of production. During this stage, the assembly line runs at full speed to produce a small number of finished units for…Read more ›