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Apple’s ex-sapphire supplier is out of bankruptcy and looking for work

GT Advanced Technologies — a.k.a. the disastrous sapphire supplier which was hired by Apple to build iPhone displays, before collapsing into bankruptcy — has announced that it has reemerged from Chapter 11 as a newly-reorganized company with a “solid balance sheet,” and “renewed strategy focused on growth in the solar and sapphire industries.” Fancy being its first new […]

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Bored at your job? NASA is looking for new astronauts

When companies list “frequent travel may be required” in its job postings, may usually means flying business class to the annual convention in Omaha and staying at the airport Ramada. It’s a good business practice to let candidates know this up front – especially when the company doing the hiring is NASA and the openings […]

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Need new headphones? We’ve got the ones you’re looking for, at the right price. [Deals]

If you’ve got a phone, you’ve got to have a good set of headphones. We’re all looking for something different from the music makers we put into our ears, whether it’s studio quality sound, wireless convenience, or something that can survive a daily workout regimen. No matter what your needs, we’ve got you and your […]

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Smart necklace keeps you connected and looking fabulous

Some fashion and tech pundits have written that the Apple Watch is a little industrial looking or too geeky to appeal to women. Why can’t a woman be connected in feminine style? A startup company says she absolutely can with a smart necklace that looks like a stunning piece of jewelry while equipped with a […]

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From comfort to audio quality, these are the headphone’s you’re looking for [Deals]

Too often, we either pay too much for a set of headphones that doesn’t quite meet our needs, or just spring for the cheapo brands sold next to the bubble gum. That’s why we’ve assembled a collection of premium ear-pleasers that’ll meet any preference or budget. Looking for waterproof and workout ready? Wireless and noise […][Read More…]

Colorblind? This iPhone app tells you what color you’re looking at

Color blindness is an extremely prevalent disability, especially amongst men: according to official statistics, 1 in 12 men are color blind (although women fare better, at a rate of only 1 in 200). These rates of color blindness are part…Read more ›

Cardboard is the new Google Glass of looking silly in public

Google announced a new version of its low-cost Cardboard virtual-reality headsets today at its I/O developers conference, and it’s giving some attendees a wicked case of déjà vu. Ashley Mayer, cloud-storage company Box’s director of communications, was in attendance at…Read more ›

Mobile cinema is quirky British history looking for a good home

Mobile cinema today is a Netflix movie streamed on your smartphone. But movie history is full of fearless and devoted projectionists traveling to bring moving pictures to remote communities. A piece of that history, an actual mobile cinema on wheels,…Read more ›

This is the Star Wars Lego trailer you’ve been looking for

Well, that didn’t take long. It’s only been four days since The Force Awakens trailer appeared on all of our computer and iPhone screens, and here we have the entire thing recreated with the ubiquitous plastic building toy. Why did…Read more ›

How to Pause Music & Podcasts on iPhone & iPod Touch Without Looking

Fiddling around with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad while driving or riding a bike is dangerous as it takes your eyes off an important task, which is why things like texting and driving are made illegal. Many of us use our iPhones and iPods in the car though for listening to podcasts and music … Read More