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Apple taps Surface Pro hinge maker for super-thin MacBooks

Apple has hit up the makers of the ultra-tiny hinges used for the Microsoft Surface Pro to come and work on its next-gen MacBooks, which will launch in the second half of 2016. It’s worth noting that this is the Surface Pro and not the innovative Surface Book we’re talking about, so don’t necessarily expect […]

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Foxconn confirms $3.5 billion takeover of iPhone display maker

Foxconn is cementing its importance to Apple by finalizing a deal to acquire a majority interest in struggling iPhone display maker Sharp for a reported 389 billion yen — or $ 3.5 billion. The multi-billion dollar bailout of Sharp was originally reported as being completed back in February, only to be placed on hold after previously undisclosed liabilities threatened […]

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Apple could acquire PowerVR maker to bring GPU design in-house

Apple is reportedly in “advanced talks” to acquire Imagination Technologies, the British chip design company which creates the PowerVR graphics chips Apple uses for its iOS devices. If it is able to acquire the company, it would mean that Apple would be able to bring GPU design in-house, much as it has done with its […]

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Apple Watch maker says a new model is already in the works

The Apple Watch is still being rolled out around the world, but according to the chairman of Quanta Computer, a.k.a. the company which builds Apple’s debut wearable device, a sequel is very much in the works. Quanta’s chairman Barry Lam made the comments during a recent investor meeting, in which he claimed that the Apple Watch 2 […]

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Apple’s sapphire maker grows the world’s biggest sapphire crystal

Apple has had its problems with sapphire manufacturers before, but not with its latest supplier, which not only stands as the largest sapphire manufacturer in the world and one of the few that are showing any kind of operating profit — but also just churned out the world’s first 300lb synthetic sapphire crystal. The company […][Read More…]

Google suspends Map Maker service after peeing prank

Android lovers couldn’t have been more excited to see the Android bot peeing on an Apple logo in Google Maps last month, but Google was far from pleased with the coverage. The company has now suspended the Map Maker service that…Read more ›

Apple is on the verge of being China’s number one smartphone maker

Apple is closing in on becoming the number one smartphone company in China, according to new figures released by Strategy Analytics. Although Apple ripoff Xiaomi remains in the number one position — thanks to its strategy of selling low-cost devices —…Read more ›

Chinese smartphone maker apologizes for likening Apple to Hitler

A Chinese smartphone maker has apologized for an ad comparing Apple to mass-murdering Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. The ad depicted a cartoon Hitler performing the Nazi salute, with his red armband showing the Apple logo instead of a swastika. Text on…Read more ›

Apple could compensate car battery maker for stealing its workers

Apple has asked a Massachusetts federal judge for more time in its lawsuit with A123 Systems, suggesting that the Cupertino company wants to settle with the electric car battery maker. Apple was first slapped with the lawsuit last month, after it reportedly began…Read more ›

Indian smartphone maker is serious about banning iPhone brand name

After China, India is the next big frontier for Apple: with a massive 1.2 billion citizens, and an impressively growing smartphone market that is far from saturated. So far Apple has had great success in the country, as the iPhone 6…Read more ›