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Should Android makers really be worried about iPhone SE? [Friday Night Fights]

The iPhone SE is finally starting to sell out after making its official debut last week, greeted by glowing reviews from fans and critics. It’s the best 4-inch phone money can buy, but is it enough to win over the millions of consumers buying affordable Androids? It certainly has the looks, and with the same internals […]

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Rival smartphone makers are desperate to rip off 3D Touch

3D Touch was the single biggest selling point of the iPhone 6s, so naturally every other smartphone vendor is tripping over themselves and each other to add their own version of Apple’s pressure-sensitive iPhone feature to their next handset. Because of this, a new report claims that force sensing module shipments will grow by a […]

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Ten iPhone makers jailed for stealing $150k worth of devices

Ten employees of Apple manufacturer Pegatron have been jailed after stealing and selling 227 iPhones, 360 motherboards, and 58 Apple batteries — with a total market value of $ 154,000. The employees comprised six permanent Pegatron staffers and four canteen workers. Two of the workers, surnamed Pei and Shi, managed to steal five iPhone 6 handsets […]

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PC makers are in for a blue Christmas

The holiday shopping season is usually a huge boon for PC manufacturers, but according to the latest estimates from the International Data Corporation, shoppers have decided to skip the PC upgrade as a gift this Christmas. PC shipments are expected to drop 10% during the fourth quarter of 2015, predicts IDC in most recent PC […]

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The makers of MacKeeper owe you a refund

The original developers behind the controversial Mac cleaning/scam software MacKeeper at ZeoBIT have entered into a settlement with customers, after losing class-action lawsuit filed against the company in May of 2014. Customers who bought MacKeeper before July 8th are eligible to receive a refund for purchasing the security and performance program, as long as they […][Read More…]

Apple Watch makers expecting ‘surge in orders’ for second half of 2015

People working on the Apple Watch supply chain are said to be expecting a “possible surge in orders” for the second half of 2015, as Apple’s debut wearable device continues to gain momentum in the marketplace. According to a new…Read more ›

Chip makers are already scrambling over Apple’s A10 processor

The first Apple devices to boast A9 chips aren’t even out yet, and already manufacturers are fighting it out to get a piece of the next-next-gen A10 order action — which are likely to make their debut with the iPhone 7 in…Read more ›

Apple Watch makers call in reinforcements to fulfill big orders

After years of rumors, the Apple Watch is finally shipping next month, but according to a new report coming out of China, it’s not likely to be a relaxing month for Tim Cook and pals to spend clinking champagne flutes and…Read more ›

Shots fired: Rival PC makers attack new MacBook

The battle of Mac vs PC is raging strong thanks to the new MacBook. While Apple fans are still debating whether they really want Jony’s minimalist gold notebook, rival PC markers have been quick to shoot down Apple’s latest innovation…Read more ›

Doom maker’s weapon of choice for teaching coding? Apple IIc

When you’re one of the closest things the programming world has to a rock star, you might assume that — when the time comes to pass your godly coding powers onto the next generation — you’d hand your offspring a brand new…Read more ›