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Metal versions of classic iPhone ringtones will melt your face

The iPhone’s ‘Marimba’ ringtone has become one of the most common sounds you hear everyday, and if you’ve owned an iPhone for a while, it’s downright annoying. Sure, the ringtone is somehow able to distill Apple’s light and whimsical platform into just a few notes played on an African xylophone, but after nine years, the […]

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Vulkan is Google’s answer to Apple Metal for Android games

Apple Metal, introduced at last year’s WWDC, gives developers low-level access to the GPU to maximize the graphics and performance potential of their games. Now Android gamers are going to get a taste of that, too. No, Apple isn’t bringing Metal to Android — but Google is adopting an alternative called Vulkan. Created by the developers of the OpenGL […][Read More…]

Save over 25% on the iPhone cable that’s wrapped in a full metal jacket [Deal]

Amateur hour is over — it’s time for an iPhone cable that means business. Avoid the fray, the tangles, the scuffed up grossness that is the stock iPhone cable after just a few weeks of regular use by stepping up…Read more ›

Conan is so metal on his road trip to Comic-Con

Conan O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter head off to Comic-Con International this week on the late night television show. Instead of taking the train down, Richter decides to take a road trip. Conan is excited! What happens next is a…Read more ›

Upcoming iPhone 6c could have fancy metal design

It will be two years this September since Apple introduced its last iPhone “c” model, but if you believe a new report coming out of Asia, Apple’s planning on reintroducing its lower-cost colorful iPhone line early next year — with the…Read more ›

Qualcomm’s answer to Touch ID scans your fingerprint through metal

Apple’s Touch ID sensor has been the best and most reliable fingerprint scanner since it made its debut in the iPhone 5s, but competing products announced at Mobile World Congress this week could give the Cupertino company some concern. Not only…Read more ›

Why brand new iPhones and molten metal don’t mix

I’ve always found the fetishistic quality of unboxing videos to be a bit strange, if I’m honest. Even weirder, though, are the quasi-sadomasochistic videos unleashed by “stress testers” like YouTube’s seemingly damaged Ukrainian tech lover hater TechRax, whose videos watch like…Read more ›

Huawei’s Ascend G7 is a midrange iPhone lookalike made out of metal

The smartphone unveilings continue at IFA 2014 in Berlin this week with Huawei’s new Ascend G7, an iPhone lookalike with an all-metal form factor. It’s a midrange device that has some nice specifications, including a snappy 64-bit processor, a 13-megapixel camera,…Read more ›

Metal should get iOS gamers very excited about the future

As a professional game developer, the big news coming out of Apple’s WWDC keynote wasn’t Swift or iCloud Drive — it was Metal. In an onstage demo, Epic showed off the power of its Unreal engine after it had been…Read more ›

Metal Slug Defense adds a dose of strategy to the popular run-and-gunner

I think it’s safe to say that no one was clamoring for a Metal Slug tower defense game. Don’t get me wrong: I love Metal Slug and have done since the Neo Geo days, but despite the number of entries…Read more ›