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Organize, Tile, & Resize Windows Without a Mouse Using Spectacle for Mac OS X

Spectacle organizes and resizes windows in Mac OS X Spectacle is a free utility for Mac OS X that helps you quickly and easily organize and resize windows, without using the mouse. Apps like this make it much easier to view multiple documents alongside one another and can help to boost productivity, particularly after you remember the keystrokes to throw windows around the screen. Want a browser window to align to  [Read More…]

Make Your Mouse Cursor Bigger [OS X Tips]

Here’s a basic but essential trick that Windows users take for granted—making the mouse cursor bigger, which can help on larger screens of if you simply prefer it that way.   Here’s another tip from Mac Kung Fu, which contains over 300 tips, tricks, hints and hacks for OS X. It’s available from Amazon as well as other bookstores, and also as an eBook for all eReaders. Migrating Windows users using  [Read More…]

Scroll Horizontally with a Mouse Wheel by Holding Shift

Scroll Horizontally If you use a traditional mouse with a scroll wheel and you need to scroll horizontally, hold down the Shift key and then use the scroll wheel. Holding shift isn’t necessary for those with a Magic Mouse, or of course anyone with an Apple trackpad, where the same task can be accomplished with a two-fingered swipe left or right. The feature works the same whether scroll bars are visible  [Read More…]

Beautiful Glass Multitouch Keyboard And Mouse Can Make Any Mac More Futuristic

Do you love typing on your iPad, the feel of your digits drumming atop virtualized letters glowing out of slippery glass? No, we thought not: for serious typing, few do, which is why the iPad keyboard case market is doing so well. So I have some haptic problems with this Kickstarter project to bring a wireless multi-touch glass keyboard and mouse to market. Aesthetically, though? Gorgeous. The keyboard and mouse  [Read More…]

Apple Welcomes Aboard Disney CEO With Mickey Mouse Payment In Stock

Photo by graciepoo – http://flic.kr/p/4rb4nS

When Disney CEO Robert Iger joined Apple’s board of directors, the tech giant offered him a little gift — and it wasn’t a fruit basket. No, Iger received shares worth more than an estimated $ 84,000. Of course, the amount is Mickey Mouse compared to the $ 29 million he pulls in as Disney’s head exec.   According to recently filed Securities and Exchange forms,  [Read More…]

Add The iPod nano’s Mickey Mouse Clock To Your OS X Dashboard [How-To]

Noticing that people really liked to wrap the new iPod nanos around a wrist band and turn them into watches, Apple decided to embrace the Nanowatch movement with their latest update, specifically by rolling out a number of fun new watch faces. The most iconic of the new options, though, is the one that mimics the classic Mickey Mouse watch face, famous with Mouseketeers all  [Read More…]

Like Mighty Mouse Beating Up Superman, Small Spanish Tablet Maker Wins iPad Lawsuit

Despite a number of recent courtroom victories which have seen Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in both Australia and Europe, one small Spanish firm has proven Apple doesn’t always get its own way in front of a judge. The Cupertino computer giant just lost a case against NT-K, which makes Android tablets in Spain, after it pulled the company into court and claimed that NT-K’s device rips off the iPad.  [Read More…]

Just Like The Mouse, GUI And Touch, iOS 5?s Assistant Will Revolutionize The Way We Interact With Our Devices

www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpjpVAB06O4 Okay, so tomorrow, Apple’s going to announce iOS 5?s new feature, Assistant, which allows you to control your iPhone 4S using just your voice. Big deal, you might be thinking, somewhat sarcastically. But it is a big deal. In fact, one of the co-founders of the company behind Apple’s Assistant technology says it’s no less than a “world-changing event.”   Siri co-founder Norman Winarsky has given an interview to 9to5Mac. It’s a great read: Siri was bought out by  [Read More…]

Using The Mouse Cursor For App Exposé In The Dock [OS X Tips]

I like this tip since it offers you a quick and easy method for viewing the windows belonging to other apps without loosing focus on the current app you are using.   The mouse pointer has special powers when you use it to hover over an apps icon in the dock, but those powers used to invoke App Exposé only come to life with a four-fingered downward swipe on your  [Read More…]

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse: Not for Everyone [Review]

The Microsoft Explorer Touch mouse invites you to “explore” its unique, touch-sensitive scroll wheel. While the Explorer Touch doesn’t offer multitouch gestures like Apple’s Magic Mouse or Microsoft’s own, flagship Touch Mouse, the Explorer does sport an attractive form factor and quality build. The Explorer Touch Mouse ($ 50) gives you a scrolling experience that’s unusual to say the least. It’s pretty cheap, and it’s portable.   The Good: In terms of size  [Read More…]