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Make The Most Of Your Magic Mouse In OS X Lion [Video How-To]

OS X Lion includes a plethora of new gestures to enhance the user experience. While the majority of these gestures are based around the trackpad, the Magic Mouse still has more than a few new gestures. In this video, I’ll show you how you can use Lion’s new gestures to make the most of your Magic Mouse.  

The Magic Mouse Is Resurrected With A New Part Number… And May Be Better Than Ever

Earlier today, we told you that Apple was looking to discontinue the Magic Mouse in favor for the Magic Trackpad. This report was based off an inside source confirming that Apple was phasing out the Magic Mouse’s part number from its inventory. Our source in Apple inventory has followed up with us, and it appears that Apple has instead discontinued the Magic Mouse’s old part number in favor for a new one. This move may  [Read More…]

Hope You Like Trackpads, Because Apple Is Killing Off The Magic Mouse [Exclusive]

We’ve gotten word from a previously reliable source that Apple is discontinuing the Magic Mouse in favor of the Magic Trackpad. Our retail source has informed us that Magic Mouse inventory is not being replenished for Apple stores, and that Apple is finally phasing out the Magic Mouse. In OS X Lion, Apple focused heavily on gestures. To take full advantage of Lion’s speed and efficiency, a trackpad must be used  [Read More…]

After Perfecting The Buttonless Mouse, Apple Patents The Keyless Keyboard

6a0120a5580826970c015433fc1b69970c 800wi The latest patent to surface from the Cupertino camp shows Apple has been working on a physical keyboard that does away with physical keys. That’s right — a keyboard, much like the one you might have in front of you now, but without keys. Instead, you’ll use piezoelectrics, haptic feedback and acoustic pulse recognition to type.   They keyboard Apple illustrated in its patent in completely flat and has keys either painted on its surface  [Read More…]