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Get Active Flight Information on Mac OS X from Nearly Anywhere, Instantly

One of the most useful features of Mac OS X is the feature called data detectors, which allow users to highlight text and words to then get instant dictionary definitions, details about movies and other media, and, as we’ll show you here, you can even get data about airplane flights that are coming and going. … Read More

Apple’s low-cost iPhone SE won’t be nearly as cheap in India

The 4-inch iPhone SE may be billed as Apple’s most affordable iPhone yet, but it won’t be nearly so reasonably-priced when it launches in India — one of Apple’s biggest potential markets — this Friday. Compared with the $ 399 price tag it carries in the U.S. (which translates to around $ 430 after taxes in most states), […]

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General Electric nearly bought Apple in 1996

Apple Inc. and General Electric are two of the most iconic American companies of the last century, but back in 1996 they almost become one company as GE CEO Jack Welch considered buying the computer maker. It would have only cost GE $ 2 billion and the current Apple CEO, Michael Spindler, was begging Welch to […]

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Early tests show iPhone 6s is nearly two times faster than rest of the industry

The iPhone 6s is so fast, not only does it destroy the iPhone 6 in speed tests, it tops the iPad Air 2 and every Android device on the market, according to initial benchmark tests. Apple’s engineers managed to make some huge GPU improvements on the iPhone 6s thanks to new technology that allows the […]

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Today’s your last chance to grab the nearly indestructable Titan MFi-certified lightning cable [Deals]

The interconnected tech in our lives is only as strong as the weakest link, and most of the time that’s a flimsy charging cord. Titan’s MFi-Certified lightning cable flips that script, with a steel-sealed cable that’ll outlive us all. And right now you can get this cable that’ll last at least one lifetime for just […]

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Pei Wei now accepts Apple Pay at nearly 200 locations

Got a hunkering for “Asian-inspired” food but left your wallet at home? If you live near a Pei Wei, ditching your credit card won’t be a problem, as the fast-casual restaurant chain will begin accepting Apple Pay at all of its 197 stores in the United States. Pei Wei announced its plans to support Apple Pay […][Read More…]

Get Movie Details from Nearly Anywhere in Mac OS X with a Tap

Now that you can get movie showtimes right from Spotlight in Mac OS X, did you know that you can also get movie details and showtimes from just about any webpage, document, or elsewhere that displays text just as well? Basically, if you can select and highlight the movie text with the cursor, you can … Read More

See an Apple Watch hater nearly choke to death mid-rant (NSFW)

When you’re ranting about Apple and its products, don’t forget to breathe. One incredibly angry man learned that crucial lesson the hard way: His profanity-laden diatribe about the Apple Watch ended when he broke into a coughing fit. You can…Read more ›

This old computer fetched nearly $23,000 on Ebay

Computer users of a certain age remember the Commodore 64. Millions brought the future into their home with this, their first personal computer. And if you still have a Commodore 64, dust it off and make sure it’s not a…Read more ›

Carl Icahn says Apple shares should be worth nearly double

Shares of Apple stock closed at an all-time high today of $ 124.88, bringing the company’s marketcap to a staggering 711.59 billion. Tim Cook couldn’t be happier with his company’s performance, but according to famous billionaire investor Carl Icahn, Apple’s stock…Read more ›