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How to Find iPad Model Name & Model Number

Need to find the model name and model number of an iPad? Many iPad tablets visually look the same or similar, so you can’t always tell which iPad model a device is simply by looking at it. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to quickly find the iPad product name and iPad model number. We’ll show … Read More

How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone for Calls or Messages

Have you ever wanted to know if someone blocked your number from calling them or sending them messages? You may be familiar with the process of blocking calls, messages, and contacts on the iPhone, but have you ever wondered if YOUR number or messages have been blocked? While Apple makes the blocking feature for texts … Read More

How to Find AirPods Serial Number (& AirPods Pro)

Need to find the serial number of AirPods or AirPods Pro? Perhaps you want to check the warranty status of AirPods, you’re going to use an AppleCare service claim, you need their serial number for insurance purposes, or for any other number of reasons that you may need the unique serial number for AirPods. There … Read More

Redial the Last Called Phone Number on iPhone Quickly

Most iPhone users know that the Phone app keeps track of their outbound and inbound phone calls, and while you can use the Recents list in the Phone app to redial a recently called number, there’s another way to quickly fill in the last dialed number that is better suited for many circumstances. This trick … Read More

Number 2 on the App Store: a social network for pooping

Look, we know you’ve taken your iPhone into the bathroom with you for number two. Everyone has. That doesn’t mean you should tell people about it. But a new app, charmingly called Pooductive, is for just that. It’s dedicated to facilitating meaningful, anonymous conversation on the toilet about… you can guess the topic. Pooductive is […][Read More…]

Apple’s diversity figures show increase in number of black employees

Speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Conference in Aspen, Colorado, Apple’s head of human resources has revealed that the company will record a 1 percent increase in its proportion of black employees in 2015. “We were pleasantly surprised to realize that we did…Read more ›

Apple is on the verge of being China’s number one smartphone maker

Apple is closing in on becoming the number one smartphone company in China, according to new figures released by Strategy Analytics. Although Apple ripoff Xiaomi remains in the number one position — thanks to its strategy of selling low-cost devices —…Read more ›

How to Find the Build Number of OS X on a Mac

Each release of OS X has a unique build number assigned to it to represent the changes found in that version of system software, often these changes are minor and incremental, but with major OS X releases the build numbers can change significantly. Though average Mac users won’t need to know the build number of … Read More

Quickly Find a Mac Model Identifier Number

Most Mac users know what type of Mac they have, whether it’s a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or whatever, and many know the model year of their computer too, but typically much less known is the model identifier number for a given Mac. Model identifiers are generally in the format of ModelNameModelNumber,Revision, for example, … Read More [Read More…]