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Apple’s new iPad Pro packs pretty display and plenty of grunt

Forget the iPad Air 3. Apple’s new 9.7-inch tablet will be a scaled-down version of its supercharged 12.9-inch iPad Pro — called (drumroll, please) the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The new, smaller iPad Pro features four-speaker audio, a rear flash, Apple Pencil support, a Smart Connector for an all-new 9.7-inch Smart Keyboard, Apple’s most advanced iPad camera […]

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A9X processor packs a gigantic 12-cluster GPU but no L3 cache

The enormous iPad Pro has an appropriately huge graphics processor. A teardown analysis by electronics firm Chipworks has revealed details of the new A9X processor that powers the iPad Pro, including the 12-cluster GPU that’s twice as powerful as the A9 processor found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Here’s a closer look at […]

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iPad Pro packs enough pixels to fit an iPhone screen between its icons

The iPad Pro’s display is huge. 5.6 million pixels huge. It’s hard to comprehend just how gigantic a display with ‘78% more display area than the iPad Air 2’ is, so developer Dennis Munsie put it into the perspective by showing that there’s actually more pixels inbetween the iPad Pro’s app icons, than there are […]

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iPad mini 2 still packs the most value into a tiny tablet

The new iPad mini 4, just announced last week, is good but probably not as good as it should be. In recent benchmark tests, it performs only slightly better than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus of 2014. It’s still nowhere near as fast as the current-generation iPad Air 2 and it’s only a tad faster than the iPad […]

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Sony packs pro specs in new pocket-size camera

Your iPhone makes a compelling case to never buy another camera. But Sony seems to understand that the better you get with your photography, the more you will learn that the camera in a smartphone has limitations. So when you…Read more ›

Voltus is a slick USB hub for Mac that also packs power

The new Macbook might be the most gorgeous laptop ever made, but killer looks come with a severe case of ports-deficiency. MacBook owners can solve the problem by carrying around a backpack full of dongles, or you could try a…Read more ›

Lust List: Electric wheels, trick packs and a selfie stick even Apple could love

Tiny hero, giant fun: Ant-Man’s new trailer packs a punch

While we might all be waiting breathlessly for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron this summer, there’s another big contender for tiny superhero dominance: Ant Man. Starring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, Ant Man will show up on the big screen…Read more ›

Stay charged with our favorite portable battery packs and save up to 72% [Deals]

Power: Your favorite mobile devices need it, Cult of Mac Deals has got it. There’s a veritable smorgasbord of portable power options, such as the BatteryBox MacBook & Mobile Device Charger, available with huge discounts at Cult of Mac Deals…Read more ›

This hilarious song packs in all the events of WWDC

If you don’t have time to watch the whole WWDC keynote address or peruse our great live coverage of the event have no fear: a catchy song by musician Jonathan Mann has you covered! In just 3 minutes 24 seconds,…Read more ›