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Dismiss Incoming Phone Call to Apple Watch with a Quick Palm Trick

Can’t answer a phone call and want to dismiss it quickly from the Apple Watch? Rather than ignoring the call but letting it continue to ring and jingle your wrist, you can use this neat palm trick to instantly silence and dismiss the inbound call, and you don’t even need to turn to the iPhone. … Read More

This six-bladed drone fits in the palm of your hand [Deals]

If you’ve played with one of the many palm-sized, office-friendly drones on the market, you know they can be more than a little squirrely. SKEYE has made a mini drone that’s a whole lot more stable — the trick was adding another pair of rotors. It’s a major upgrade for an already crazy fun toy, […]

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Launch this sleek, stealthy drone from the palm of your hand [Deals]

We’ve all got a jones for drones, but not all of us have the space or cash to hang up a 5-foot-wide quad-copter in our garage. The SKEYE Nano, now available in a Batwing-worthy shade of black, solves both problems, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and at $ 39.99 it’s cheap […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Former NBA player uses all 5 fingers to palm Apple products

Former NBA player Rex Chapman pleaded guilty to four counts of felony theft this week. He was arrested for not only stealing over $ 15,000 worth of Apple gear from the store in Scottsdale, Arizona, but also for selling it at local pawn shops. Chapman allegedly pretended to use the Apple Store’s self-checkout system, leaving without […]

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iPhone 6 Plus has best LCD display you can hold in your palm

The display rating experts at DisplayMate got intimately acquainted with Apple’s bigger than big display over the weekend, and after thorough testing, the LCD experts pronounced Apple’s 5.5-inch display the best performing LCD display they’ve ever tested on a smartphone.…Read more ›

Apple Agrees To Pay $10 Million For Patents Originally Created By Palm


Palm and its line of smartphones might be extinct, but its patents have managed to live on after the company’s death, and Apple’s ready to scoop some of them up.

Apple reached an agreement with Japan’s ACCESS Co., Ltd. to license $ 10 million worth of patents that were originally created by Palm and PalmSource. Other patents were included in the deal from Bell Communications and Geoworks as well.

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Apple Says You Need To Stop Using Palm Rest Covers On Your Retina MacBook Pro

Tons of Apple accessory manufacturers make cute little palm rest covers for MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs so the metal of your cherished MacBook doesn’t get all scratched and nasty and damaged. They make your MacBook standout, but Apple thinks you need to stop freaking using them because you’re going to break your display if you keep it up.

In a note published on Apple’s support blog, Apple warned users that  [Read More…]