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How to Share Wi-Fi Passwords from iPhone or iPad

The latest versions of iOS offer a very nice feature that lets you easily share wi-fi passwords from an iPhone or iPad so that other people can quickly join a wireless network that you’re already connected to. While there is still no way to see the wi-fi router password in iOS, the ability to share … Read More

Plex hackers steal your data and passwords, not credit card details

Plex, the popular media streaming service that makes it easy to access your entire video, music, and photo catalogs from pretty much anywhere, has been hacked. A server breach this week allowed hackers to gain access to user data — including…Read more ›

iOS and OS X bug lets attackers steal passwords from iCloud Keychain

A group of six university researchers claim to have successfully bypassed Apple’s tight App Store approval processes to publish Mac and iOS malware apps. According to the report, the team presented the zero-day vulnerability to Apple back in October 2014 and were…Read more ›

Emoji are about to takeover over your passwords

Our friends chuckle when we text them a story using emoji. Fun little pictures rich in context and feeling, especially when we can make use of the smiling poo. But that funny emoji story could also make a very secure…Read more ›

Yahoo aims to kill passwords with on-demand codes

Passwords are easy to forget. They’re even easier to steal. So at the SXSW festival today, Yahoo unveiled its scheme to make permanent passwords as outdated as morse code. Yahoo announced that it’s rolling out ‘on-demand’ email passwords this year,…Read more ›

Intel wants to replace all your passwords with Touch ID-style biometrics

Touch ID might have just made it to iPads, but Intel wants to go one step further: bringing enhanced biometric passwords to PCs, which it plans to do before the end of the year. “Your biometrics basically eliminate the need for you to…Read more ›

How to Show Web Site Passwords in Safari for Mac OS X

Mac users who opt-in to use the Safari AutoFill username and password feature have a convenient way to show and retrieve those login credentials at any time. This is incredibly helpful if you’re prone to forget the passwords or logins for the billion and one websites we all use, and need to access that login … Read More

Find Saved Passwords on iPhone & iPad in Safari

The Autofill feature of Safari makes logging in to websites much easier in iOS, not having to remember and type in every single password for every website under the sun that you come across. While saving passwords with autofill is undoubtedly helpful, it can also mean it’s easier to forget what a password is, since … Read More

Baby Panda Malware Stealing Apple IDs And Passwords [Jailbreak]

A new malware campaign targetting users of jailbroken iOS devices has been discovered by reddit users. Called “Unflod Baby Panda,” the malware hooks into all running processes of jailbroken devices and tries to steal their Apple ID and corresponding password.…Read more ›