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Pics.io Launches In-Browser Photo Editor, But Why?

Between your iPhone, your iPad and your Mac, it’s hard to imagine a time when you’d be online and need to edit a photo, but somehow not have access to an app like Snapseed (which has its own browser version…Read more ›    

Pics.io: Edit Raw Photos In Your Browser

We last caught up with Pics.io back in the summer, when it was just starting out in beta form. Now the service has gone live, and you can convert and edit your RAW photos right there in the browser. Yes,…Read more ›

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Pics.io Will Let you Edit RAW Photos In Your Browser

Remember when it seemed like some special future high-tech magic to edit video in the web-browser? Now it’s almost as mundane as composing an e-mail inside Safari. But Pics.io is about to let you edit RAW photos in the browser. The site is currently in private alpha testing, but the promise is of fast online RAW editing on your iPad.

Pics.io will upload your photos – to GoogleDrive at launch, with  [Read More…]