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Apple Stores will ditch plastic bags for paper this month

As part of its focus on the environment, Apple Stores will this month ditch its instantly-recognizable plastic bags for new paper ones made of 80 percent recycled materials. The official changeover happens ten days from now on April 15, although stores will continue to use the old plastic bags until they have run out of […]

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This piece of plastic could be your go-to GoPro accessory

You’ve got an idea for a shot with your GoPro camera. But you don’t have the right mount, or the tripod you carry won’t go low enough or fit in a space with that great angle. Photographer Ruogo Zhou has designed a hunk of plastic that cradles the GoPro and provides it 20 different angles […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Cure your iPhone addiction with NoPhone, a useless plastic rectangle

Do you mediate every bit of your experience through the cold display of your iPhone? Do you film concerts, text during dates, and spend more time looking at your screen than into the eyes of the people you’re hanging out…Read more ›

Forget Your Plastic, The New iPhone Will Be A Digital Wallet

The iPhone will soon serve as a true mobile wallet, working with Visa, MasterCard, or an American Express card, and able to make secure mobile payments without whipping out your old fashioned plastic credit card, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Specifically, Bloomberg says that Apple has entered into partnerships with major payment networks, … Read More

This cheap plastic bag will waterproof any gadget

Today I’m going to review a plastic bag. A new low, even for me? Maybe, but this is no ordinary plastic bag. It’s a bag that has beaten out pretty much every waterproof gadget case i’ve ever tested, because: It…Read more ›

Apple Pulls iOS Game That Lets Kids Carry Out Plastic Surgery

Apple has been accused of censorship in the past when it has been a little heavy-handed (to say the least) about banning content in the App Store. With that being said, few were upset to hear that Plastic Surgery for…Read more ›    [Read More…]

New Straitjacket Case For iPhone Fuses Hard Plastic With Silky Silicone [CES 2014

Loop Attachment, the company behind the awesome Mummy cases for iOS devices, is at CES in Las Vegas this week showing off its latest product for the iPhone. It’s called the Straitjacket, and it fuses a hard plastic bumper with…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iPhone 5C TV Commercial “Plastic Perfected” Starts Airing

iPhone 5C TV commercial and song

Apple has started to air commercials for the new iPhone 5C. The first TV advertisement is called “Plastic Perfected”, and features liquid plastic pouring into and transforming into various colored iPhone 5C models. The liquid plastic looks oddly refreshing, like some sort of sports drink, and the commercial includes appropriately themed lyrics to a song playing in the background, “pick up the phone then, ring  [Read More…]

Remora, A Stylish Plastic Cash-And-Card Clip For The iPhone 5/s

staged_carkeysRemora is a super-simple “case” for the iPhone 5/s which does two things: Protect your iPhone from drops onto its corners (as long as it hits one of the two corners covered) and Holds two credit cards. Actually, there might just be a third thing – the Remora looks a lot like the tire levers […]

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Plastic iPhone 5C Is Confirmed By Pegatron Labor Abuse Report

11-color-case-for-iphone-5-2Apple’s under fire again for labor abuses by one of its manufacturing partners again, this time Pegatron. Bizarrely, though, the report incriminating them also confirms the plastic “budget” iPhone, the so-called iPhone 5C. As part of an investigation against Pegatron by the China Labor Watch, three moles were inserted inside of Pegatron’s factories… and one […]

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