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Get Unlimited Storage For One Year With Pogoplug [Deals]

Running out of space on your phone? Worried about losing those irreplaceable photos and videos? Pogoplug has your back…and your backup. Through this Cult of Mac Deals offer you’ll get Pogoplug, which gives you unlimited storage on your phone, tablet…Read more ›

Pogoplug Update Introduces New Design For iOS 7

Pogoplug, the official iOS client to the Dropbox alternative of that name, has been updated for iOS 7. The iOS 7-optimized features offer several enhancements, in addition to matching the look and feel of Apple’s latest mobile OS. The most…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Pogoplug Series 4 NAS: Streaming And Sharing Easier Than Ever, But Still Not Perfect [Review]

Launched a few weeks ago, the Pogoplug Series 4 ($ 100) is Cloud Engines latest attempt at making their network-attached storage device as ubiquitous as the microwave oven. Like its predecessors, the S4 allows you to attach a hard drive or flash drive to create your own cloud, which you can use to stream media, share files or create slideshows, all of which can be accessed over the Internet and  [Read More…]

Pogoplug Goes After the iDevice with The New Pogoplug Mobile

Theyre running through the entire playbook over at Pogoplug for a touchdown (yeah, guess Im jonesing for the football season to start). Their latest move is the PogoplugMobile($ 80), out today. Apart from the $ 20 price drop, the new Plug is smaller, goes back to the originals single USB slot, adds an SD-card slot (yay!) and ditches the ever-present pink logo for a sky blue one which, frankly,  [Read More…]