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Top Mac Malware & Threats: Watch a MacAdmins Presentation on MacOS Threat Landscape [Video]

Are you interested in seeing a non-alarmist, data-driven, and realistic assessment of the existing malware threat environment for the Mac platform? If so, you’ll want to watch this hour long presentation from Thomas Reed of Malwarebytes. Recorded at the 2018 MacAdmins conference at Penn State University, Mr Reed uses hard data found from the Malwarebytes … Read More

Turn any PDF into a beautifully readable digital presentation [Deals]

PDFs are convenient and used by almost everybody, but flipping between preview windows is not a very attractive or engaging way to view content. Flip PDF for Mac makes it easy to create beautiful digital books and presentations out of your PDFs, perfect for designers, photographers, advertisers, anyone who could benefit from a beautiful digital […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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The Powerful Presentation Bundle: All the tools you need to become a compelling speaker [Deals]

Great presentations are about the ideas, not the slides. Yet, most people spend more than half their time making slides rather than honing their message. Cult of Mac Deals has assembled a bundle that will help you make the most…Read more ›

Forget PowerPoint: Deckset Is A Markdown-Powered Presentation Powerhouse

Ever been on a plane and seen some suit squished into his chair, browning his ThinkPad’s screen with his office breath and lining up some pictures and text on a PowerPoint slide? “Jeez,” you think. “Not only is this dork-o…Read more ›

Pitch Like A Pro With The Ultimate Keynote Presentation Bundle [Deals]

When it comes to the art of the pitch, presentation is everything. With The Ultimate Keynote Presentation Bundle you’ll get 5 fully customizable decks from Pitchstock, which will help you take your pitch to new heights. These modern, beautifully crafted…Read more ›    [Read More…]

AirPlay Direct Could Be The Best Business And Classroom Presentation Tool Ever

AirPlay Direct would easily win fans in business, education, and even IT.

One of the first thoughts I had when Apple announced AirPlay Mirroring as a feature in Mountain Lion was that it would make an excellent mobile presentation tool and one that would be far easier to bring to business meetings, trade shows, or client-site training events than hauling a projector. With just a MacBook Air and Apple TV, you can  [Read More…]

View Keynote Presentation Files Without Keynote Installed Using Preview in OS X

View Keynote presentations in Preview app without having Keynote installed

If you don’t have Keynote installed and you need to view someones keynote presentation slides, don’t fret – you can view them all directly in Preview, the bundled image app in Mac OS X.

Nothing special is required, just download a keynote presentation (.key file extension) and double-click it to launch the slides into Preview. From there you can view each  [Read More…]

Acer Mimics Apple’s iCloud Presentation with Unveiling of AcerCloud

Seems like another consumer electronics manufacturer has unveiled a new service that appears to be something very similar to what Apple has unveiled before. Acer, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer seems to have unveiled a new service called AcerCloud that seems to be a quite similar to Apples iCloud service. The thing that makes this whole situation the most ironic is the presentation that Acer gave regarding their new cloud service. If you take a quick  [Read More…]

How Are Jailbreaks Found and How Do They Work? iOS Kernel Exploitation Presentation Gives the Technical Details

How Jailbreaks Work Renowned jailbreaker i0n1c, aka Stefan Esser, has put together a rather extensive presentation titled iOS Kernel Exploitation that explains exactly how jailbreaks work, ranging from how the exploits are found, how new code is injected into the iOS devices, how untethers work, and so much more. It was presented live at last months Black Hat security conference, but now the slides are freely available on the web for  [Read More…]