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Developer pulls ad-blocker after topping App Store

Developer Marco Arment pulled his iOS 9 content blocker from the App Store two days after launching it. He says it “just doesn’t feel good” to be profiting from his app Peace while taking money away from advertisers and publishers. He’s even offering refunds to anyone who already bought Peace expecting updates and support down the line, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Fallout Shelter’s atomic success pulls in $5.1 million in two weeks

Fallout Shelter, the terrific vault-building game from Bethesda, raked in a whopping $ 5.1 million during its first two weeks availability. The payday is even more staggering when you take into account that the game is totally free to download and play, only offers…Read more ›

Neil Young pulls his albums from Apple Music cause it sounds soooo bad

Canadian singer-songwriter and musician turned high-fidelity music spokesman, Neil Young, announced that he’s fed up with music streaming service. Sure, there’s a lot less money in streaming than selling albums, but Young revealed to fans that he’s pulling his albums…Read more ›

Apple pulls games with Confederate flag artwork from App Store

It’s been over 150 years since the South lost to the Union army in the American Civil War, but only recently has the call to finally remove the Confederate Flag from public places picked up steam. Now Apple is getting…Read more ›

Apple pulls last non-Retina iPad from stores

The last iPad with a non-Retina display was sent to the grave today, almost three years after its debut. Apple quietly pulled the iPad mini from its online store, leaving just the iPad mini 2 and 3 behind to go with the iPad…Read more ›

College Humor pulls no punches in lampoon of new Macbook

Did you roll your eyes when you saw the latest Macbook had a new kind of USB port? So did the website College Humor, which went to work satirizing Apple’s pride in its product design. Under the headline Why Every…Read more ›

Amazon pulls the plug on its first Apple Pay competitor

Amazon jumped into the mobile payments market a few months before Apple Pay launched, but the company is already pulling the plug on its first mobile wallet solution: Amazon Wallet. Emails were sent out to customers this week from Amazon,…Read more ›

Apple pulls out of Crimea as part of U.S. sanctions against Russia

In a curious example of international geopolitics influencing the App Store, developers who have registered iTunes accounts in the Crimea are being told to stop using all Apple software, and destroy any materials related to it. Why? It all has…Read more ›

RIP Floppy Cloud: Apple pulls Nintendo emulator from App Store

Well, that didn’t last long: Floppy Cloud, the NES and SNES emulator for iOS we wrote about yesterday, has been pulled from the App Store. As you might remember, Floppy Cloud purported itself to be an innocuous Dropbox or FTP…Read more ›

Crazy Taxi: City Rush pulls up to the App Store tomorrow

Back in the heady days of the early new Millennium I went out and bought a Sega Dreamcast (still a massively underrated console, in my mind) to play Crazy Taxi, one of the most original and addictive arcade games I’d…Read more ›