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How to Start a Simple Web Server in Python 3 on Mac

If you’re a Python user you may already be familiar with the handy trick that allows you to instantly create a simple web server using an easy command string entered in the command line of Mac OS. But if you’re a Mac Python user who has installed or updated to Python 3, then you will … Read More

How to Install Updated Python 3.6.x on Mac

Python is a popular programming language that is widely used by beginners and longtime developers alike. Modern Mac OS versions come with Python 2.7.x installed (or Python 2.6.1 if an older Mac OS X version), but many Python users may need to update Python in Mac OS to a newer version like Python 3.6.5. This … Read More

Prospective web developers, it’s time to tame Python [Deals]

Python’s name isn’t accidental — it’s one of the most flexible and wide-reaching web development languages around. It can seem intimidating to learn such a massively applicable language, but this comprehensive bundle of lessons make it easy to learn Python from stem to stern. Comprising 7 courses and around a dozen hours of content, you […]

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Become a Python coding pro with this 6-course bundle [Deals]

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages out there, a clear but powerful and perfect for projects big and small. It’s a perfect addition to anyone’s resume, but like any new language it takes practice and guidance to master. This bundle of 6 lessons is like a full-immersion language course for Python, […]

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Computer engineer wins 1,000 Twitter contests with Python script

Computer engineer Hunter Scott wrote a Python script to enter virtually every Twitter contest started over the span of nine months. The bot ended up entering him in about 165,000 different “RT to win” contests and more importantly, he won close to 1,000. On average, he won four contests per day every day. Scott embarked on […][Read More…]

Get the Pure Python Hacker Bundle: Master Python & Django programming [Deals]

  Computer programming can be a difficult endeavor, especially when programming with languages such as C or Pascal. Most of your time is spent learning a code’s complex syntax, which can lead to frustration and headaches. Python is a computer…Read more ›

Booq’s Python Camera Bag Perfect For Mirrrorless Minimalists [Review]

Python Mirrorless byBooq Category: Bags Works With: Cameras, iPad mini Price: $ 80 I have a kind of standing checklist of things I like and things that annoy me in bag design. Booq’s Python Mirrorless Bag flags just one of my…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Take Your Coding To The Next Level With The Ultimate Python Programming Course [Deals]

No matter if you’re a beginner, have a basic understanding of web design or fundamental programming skills, or simply want to learn how to build a website from scratch, this Cult of Mac Deals offer is worth exploring. After all,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Booq’s Python Mirrorless Bag Carries Camera And iPad Mini

If somebody were designing a camera bag just for me, it would probably look a lot like the Python Mirrorless from Booq. It’s small, but holds just what you need, and is designed to carry a mirrorless-sized camera, an iPad…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ending Soon: The Ultimate Python Programming Course [Deals]

CoM - Python

If you’ve been itching to start the journey to learning code then Cult of Mac Deals has an excellent offer for you…and at a fraction of the regular price: The Ultimate Python Programming Course.

This tutorial is detailed enough for beginners but is also an excellent reference for various leveled Python programmers. Purchasing this course is like having an expert Python consultant for the rest of your life, and  [Read More…]