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Your Smartphone Already Has A Heart Rate Sensor As Good As The Galaxy S5′s [Video]

The new Galaxy S5 boasts a ton of fancy new features, but one of the things Samsung has been pushing most since the handset was unveiled back in February is its built-in heart rate sensor. But just how revolutionary is…Read more ›

iOS 7 Adoption Rate Already Beats Latest Version Of Android

iOS 7 Adoption RateiOS 7 has been out for less than one day, and already has an adoption rate of over 13 percent, according to analytics firm, Mixpanel. Compare that with Google’s latest version of Jellybean for Android devices, which hovers around an 8.5 percent adoption rate after a month. As you can see in Mixpanel’s live data […]

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The LifeTrak Move C300 Activity Tracker Is Waterproof and Can Measure Your Heart Rate

lifetrak-move-c300  It’s not exactly the belle of the ball, and its name is in serious need of some marketing help; but the LifeTrak Move C300 activity tracker makes up for its lack of charm with some powerful bonus features, like waterproofness (to 90 feet!) and the ability to also measure heart rate. On top of […]

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iOS 6.1 Has Super Fast Adoption Rate According To Onswipe


Apple released iOS 6.1 Monday, and users are upgrading to the new software at a rapid pace. In under three days, just over 20% of Onswipe’s 13 million+ monthly active iOS users have updated to 6.1. Onswipe does touch-optimized website layouts for mobile devices. When iOS 6.0 came out last year, it took a week for around 44% of users to update, according to Onswipe’s data. Chikita reported similar numbers after  [Read More…]

NYC Crime Rate Up For First Time In 20 Years Thanks To iPhone Thefts

Although New York has traditionally been viewed as crime-ridden since the seediest days of the 1970s, the crime rate has actually been sinking for the last twenty years. No longer, however, and it looks like the desirability of Apple products are indirectly to blame.

According to Business Insider, grand larceny in 2012 was up 9 percent, and New York’s officials are attributing the rise to the theft of personal  [Read More…]

No Watch Required: Wahoo’s Blue HR Strap Tracks Your Heart Rate On Your iPhone [Review]

Wahoo blue hr 2

The Wahoo Blue HR ($ 79) heart rate strap performs a neat trick: by pairing with your iPhone (4S or 5 only) via Bluetooth, it allows you to transform your favorite iOS device into any of the amazing heart rate monitors available on the App Store today. Even better, it works with all the best cycling and running apps too, so now you can monitor your heart and calories on your  [Read More…]

Convert Bit Rate of Songs on iOS Devices with iTunes 10.6

Convert Bit Rate of Songs in iTunes iTunes now allows you to convert higher bit rate songs to three options: 128 kbps, 192 kbps, and 256 kbps. Enabling this option lets you save storage space on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad by compressing the music stored on the device. Heres how to do this: Connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the computer and launch iTunes Select the iOS  [Read More…]

Kindle Fire Appears to Best iPad in Rate of User Adoption

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is, unquestionably, a huge success for Amazon. Although specific numbers haven’t yet been revealed, the online retail giant has admittedly sold millions of the tablets in recent weeks. And purchases appear to be escalating as we enter the final week of holiday shopping for 2011. Millennial Media’s November Mobile Mix report shows that ad impressions on the Kindle Fire grew at an average daily rate of 19%. The Kindle Fires impression growth  [Read More…]

Apple Employees Rate Company as 10th Best to Work For

The folks over atGlassdoorreleased the results of its annual 2012 Employees Choice awards and turns out, Apple has cracked the top 10 list of the best companies to work for. Apple has garnered a Satisfied rating of 3.9 out of 5 as pointed out byMacNN. Last year, Apple placed 20th in the survey with a score of 3.7 and previously came in 22nd place in 2010. The companies that came on top included Bain &  [Read More…]

Despite Huge Unemployment Rate, Apples $1 Billion Data Super Center Only Created 50 New Jobs

Its probably good that Apple is in the gadget creation business and not jobs. Turns out, the $ 1 billion data center the tech giant built down in North Carolina created just 50 full-time local jobs, working out to around $ 200,000 per spot. Although iCloud and other services likely to come from the site have plenty of tech fans, you wont find too many I Love Apple bumper stickers  [Read More…]