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The funniest reactions to today’s Apple event

The Internet’s reaction to — and riffing on — today’s Apple event is more entertaining than the presentation was. We aren’t even sure some people even waited for the company to be done breaking all of that news we were already aware of. We know we started doodling at some points. I drew a scary […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Slack’s ‘emoji reactions’ make your co-workers awesome

Slack is ingraining emojis even deeper into your work environment whether you like it or not. Users were already able to send emojis casually while chatting, but now anyone can specifically react to messages in Slack with emojis. It’s pretty easy to…Read more ›

Legendary iPhone Hacker Geohot About To Release New iPhone App Called Reactions

Geohot is back with a new app.

Geohot is back with a new app.

George Hotz is known to his legions of online fans as “geohot,” the infamous hacker who was the first to unlock the iPhone and crack the Sony PS3. Hotz has been flying under the radar lately, but he’s about to make his first foray into the App Store with a new iPhone app.

The app is called Reactions, and  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial Verdict: The Reactions

Apple has won a massive damages sum of nearly $ 1.05 Billion in the patent trial against Samsung and the reaction from the technology community has been vast and swift.

As expected, the two principals in the case immediately followed the shocking judgement with statements.

Apple spokeswoman Katie Cotton gave a statement to the NYTimes, saying the verdict reflected the values of innovation instilled deep in the company:

We are grateful to the jury for their service and for investing  [Read More…]

Is That It? CoM Has Mixed Reactions To iPhone 4S & Siri [Staff Opinion Roundup]

Leander Kahney: Im excited about the iPhone 4S. The old iPhone 4 model is a great handset; probably the best smartphone on the market. Its a great design: easy to pocket; tough as nails; and very functional. Why mess with success? I know many fans are disappointed by the lack of a bigger screen or new design. Bu tI think the internal upgrades look phenomenal.  [Read More…]