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10 Reasons why the new MacBook isn’t for you

The new MacBook goes on sale this week, and while the first reviews have raved about its incredible design, unbelievable thinness, and jaw-dropping display, it’s probably not for you. Some of the first reviews have alleviated some concerns that the…Read more ›

Three reasons why Apple will be the world’s first trillion dollar company

Apple already claimed the title of the world’s most valuable company earlier this year, but according to some bullish Wall Street analysts, Apple could become the world’s first trillion dollar company in the next year. In a note to investors…Read more ›

11 awesome reasons not to throw out that old Mac

2 Big Reasons Why You Might Want to Buy iPhone 6 Plus Over iPhone 6

Much has been said about the iPhone 6 Plus already, and there are plenty of thorough reviews describing the hardware, the design, camera, and every other little improvement and detail of the device. After using one for a week, two things in particular really stand out to me which differentiate the iPhone 6 Plus over … Read More

Bigger is better: 8 reasons to choose the iPhone 6 Plus

Apple is going big with the iPhone this year. Two million photo-aligned pixels big! The sight of Apple’s new mammoth iPhone 6 Plus might inspire a lot of witty genitalia jokes thanks to its 5.5-inch display, but Apple will be laughing all the way…Read more ›

7 reasons we can’t wait for Star Wars: Episode VII

8 reasons Apple would be crazy not to keep the iPod alive

A funny thing happened on the way to the iPod’s funeral. When we laid out the reasons we think the music player is nearing the end of the line, we clearly struck a nerve. A lengthy and fascinating conversation broke…Read more ›

The Five Reasons You Should Be In The WWDC Lottery

  Apple finally announced the dates for WWDC 14 and while there won’t be a mad two minute dash to sellout this year, it might be even harder to get in thanks to Apple’s new lottery system. Only 5,000 developers…Read more ›    

7 Reasons Not to Jailbreak iOS, Courtesy of Apple

Reasons Not To Jailbreak

It’s only fitting with a new iOS 7 jailbreak being available that we cover the other side of the things; why you should not jailbreak at all. We’ve already mentioned in this jailbreaking guide that most users should not bother using the jailbreak at all, because casual iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners will probably not benefit from the result and may just run into problems. Accordingly, we  [Read More…]

Think Twice Before You Go Into The Woods, But Not For The Usual Reasons [Review]

The WoodsAlright, stop me if you’ve heard this one: The Woods by 3 Cubes Research Limited Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $.99 An unseen protagonist, armed only with a flashlight, sets off on an investigation into some spooky woods. With no map, our hero wanders through the forest gathering a bunch of pages […]

The post Think Twice Before You Go Into The Woods, But Not For The  [Read More…]