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Apple will pay same streaming royalty rate as Spotify during free trial

Having agreed to pay out royalties to music artists during the initial three-month trial period of Apple Music, Apple will reportedly pay rights holders 0.2 cents per stream, according to a new report. This rate is similar to that paid…Read more ›

Get up to $1000 worth of royalty free stock photography at 90% off! [Deals]

Got a visual design project you’re working on but balking at paying high prices for royalty free stock photography, vector images, and videos? If so, the folks at Cult of Mac Deals have you covered. Right now you can get…Read more ›

Apple’s Trying To Lowball Record Labels On Royalty Rates For iRadio


As Apple continues to ramp up development on its new music streaming service, negotiations with record labels haven’t been going well.

Apple’s music streaming service is rumored to be similar to Pandora’s radio service, but rather than settling with the same royalty rate that Pandora enjoys, Apple is trying to lowball record labels into giving them a better deal.

According to sources at the New York Post, Apple’s initial offer to  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial Day 10, Samsung Royalty Analyst Vincent OBrien on Stand [Liveblog]

After the amusing skirmish between the Judge and attorneys on late-filing motions and a quick five-minute testimony from a survey expert, we get a bigger fish to fry in Samsung royalty analyst Vincent O’Brien. He is testifying about similar but separate findings than the earlier witnesses.

11:18AM: O’Brien talks about his experience testifying in U.S Court for royalty rates. He has worked for the U.S. Justice department in “matters to do with economic  [Read More…]