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Apple’s sapphire maker grows the world’s biggest sapphire crystal

Apple has had its problems with sapphire manufacturers before, but not with its latest supplier, which not only stands as the largest sapphire manufacturer in the world and one of the few that are showing any kind of operating profit — but also just churned out the world’s first 300lb synthetic sapphire crystal. The company […][Read More…]

Apple Watch will consume a fifth of world’s sapphire supply

Apple will consume 18 percent of global sapphire ingot output making the displays for the Apple Watch, according to a new report coming out of China’s supply chain. This adds up to a whopping 30.8 million millimetres of two-inch (diameter) sapphire…Read more ›

Project Phire could make Gorilla Glass as unscratchable as sapphire

What me, worry? Not Corning. The Gorilla Glass maker has just unveiled a new type of glass which they say is just as hard (and therefore unscratchable) as sapphire. They’re calling it Project Phire. Go figure. Even though it’s only…Read more ›

New Sapphire Glass screens could be coming to the iPhone 6s

In the lead-up to the iPhone 6, everyone expected Apple to give it a sapphire glass display. Sapphire glass, it was said, would lead to nigh indestructible screens: scratched and shattered iPhone displays would become a thing of the past.…Read more ›

Apple’s failed Arizona sapphire plant will become a $2B data command center

The fate of GT Advanced Technologies’ failed sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona has been decided. After committing to repurposing the 1.3 million square-foot facility, Apple revealed today that it will invest $ 2 billion in making a global command center for…Read more ›

Could Apple have already lined up the sapphire supplier for the iPhone 6s?

Due to its failed relationship with GT Advanced, Apple missed out on releasing the iPhone 6 with the rock hard, all sapphire display that was initially rumored. But what about the iPhone 6s? It’s still unknown, but an Apple supplier,…Read more ›

Oppo beats Apple to a sapphire smartphone

Apple failed to get its sapphire glass ready for its latest smartphones, but Chinese manufacturer Oppo did not. Its new RC1, a midrange handset with a 5-inch display, has a sapphire back panel that allows the device to be incredibly thin but still…Read more ›

Apple’s failed sapphire makers want to pay out millions in bonuses to senior execs

GT Advanced Technologies’ attempts to make sapphire iPhone screens for Apple may have ended in disaster, but that’s not stopping GT senior execs from asking for millions to be paid out in bonuses. Because the company filed for bankruptcy protection…Read more ›

Exclusive: Apple could rely on Foxconn for its sapphire iPhone screens

Foxconn might get in on Apple’s sapphire producing business, according to a source speaking with Cult of Mac. While Foxconn has no actual experience growing sapphire, it is reportedly very interested in the material, and has been actively pursuing various sapphire related patents…Read more ›

Xiaomi wants to beat Apple to a sapphire smartphone

Xiaomi has caught a lot of flack for copying what Apple has done previously, which is why it’s apparently gone back to the drawing board and come back with a new plan: do the things Apple thought about, but didn’t…Read more ›