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Scam victim finds the s in iPhone 6s stands for ‘sugar’

What kind of person hands over $ 750 for two new iPhone 6s handsets from a person they’ve just met on the street? Apparently the kind of person who’s then surprised that the bag supposedly carrying his new iPhones instead contains a large bag of sugar, that’s who! The unnamed “victim” in this particular scam was […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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How to avoid fake iOS crash scam that wants to steal your cash

An iOS scam designed to cheat people out of money is being reported by users in both the United States and the U.K. A number of iPhone and iPad users have received pop-up notifications on their devices informing them that…Read more ›

Why I Support China’s ‘Scam’ Frankenstein iPhones

The Telegraph newspaper brought to light this week an apparently widespread practice in China in which broken old iPhones are stripped for parts, and functioning iPhones are built with those parts. The newspaper called it a “scam,” because the sellers…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Frankenstein iPhones: A Growing Scam In China

Apple just set a record for the most iPhones sold in a quarter, but while the new iPhone 5ses and Cs are flying off shelves, a new scam is booming in China where broken old iPhones are cannibalized for parts…Read more ›    [Read More…]

No, Microsoft Didn’t Bring Halo 4 To iOS – This $4.99 Scam Is A Game Of Chess

While Apple has managed to keep the App Store free from malware, it seems the Cupertino company has a hard time filtering out scams. Every so often, a shameless developer tries their luck at selling a title that promises to be something it isn’t. The latest claims to be a Halo 4 clone that is “iPhone/iPad exclusive.” They’ve gone through the trouble of writing a lengthy App Store description in an effort to  [Read More…]

IntelliScreenX Scam Hits The App Store And Should Be Avoided At All Costs


Every so often, an iOS developer attempts to make a quick buck by creating a simple app, naming it after a hugely popular jailbreak tweak, then releasing it in the App Store with the same logo and screenshots. That’s exactly what JB Solutions has done with IntelliScreenX, a $ 0.99 app that promises to be the ultimate notification center for your lock screen. In reality, it’s nothing more than a nasty  [Read More…]

MineKart 64 Promises Minecraft Meets Mario Kart, But Its A Complete Scam

Don’t be fooled into purchasing this scam.

The App Store has had its fair share of apps and games that attempt to replicate a hit title that isn’t available on iOS like the numerousSuper Marioclones we’ve seen over the years. ButMineKart 64 is a little different. It takes not just one, but two hit titles MinecraftandMario Kart and fuses them together.

It’s literallyMinecraftkart racing what could be more enjoyable than  [Read More…]

$4.99 iOS 5 Battery Fix Available From Cydia Is A Complete Scam

While Apple has been slow to fix the battery issues plaguing its new iPhone 4S and other devices running the new iOS 5 software, it seemed the jailbreaking community had come to the rescue.A tweak that hit Cydia earlier this week claims to fix your battery life woes under iOS 5, but it wants $ 4.99 for theprivilege. As it turns out, the tweak does nothing; its just a complete  [Read More…]

Facebook Scam Has Already Claimed 21,000 Victims by Exploiting Steve Jobs Death

Scammers have already taken to Facebook to exploit the death of Steve Jobs. PandaLabs has detected a malicious link on Facebook that was making the roundsearlierand claiming victims. The page was called R.I.P. Steve Jobs and a link on the page claimed that 50 free iPads were being given away in memory of Steve Jobs. This was obviously a scam, but it seems that over 21,000 Facebook users have already been  [Read More…]