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Colorful Apple TV billboard ads are pleasingly old school

If any more proof was needed that Apple TV is no longer being considered a “hobby,” check out the massive new billboard ad campaign that has been rolling out for the new fourth-generation Apple TV refresh. Cleverly playing on a color bars motif which references both the old school Apple logo (with colors fastidiously picked […]

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Just like Ahmed: Woz got arrested for building gadgets in school

Ahmed Mohamed can count Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak among his many supporters in the tech world. According to Woz’s most recent Facebook post, he sees a lot of himself in the 14 year old Texas boy who was arrested for bringing a homemade digital clock to school. While Ahmed’s teacher’s mistook his clock for a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Can Apple school Netflix in creating original content?

Apple’s getting ready to sink its teeth into original programming, according to recent reports, and there are suggestions it will launch a new video streaming service for Apple TV. The Cupertino company has already taken the fight to Spotify with Apple Music, so why not Netflix next? The big question is, does Apple have what it takes to produce […][Read More…]

School selling hundreds of Apple devices for a fraction of their cost

A Michigan school district is selling off close to 800 iMacs, MacBooks and iPads for astonishingly low prices, ranging from $ 50-$ 100. The schools are currently in the process of upgrading their classroom technology, and made the decision to sell off the old equipment instead of adding it to the tons of unwanted computers and other gadgets […][Read More…]

Apple’s ‘Back to School’ promo will give Mac buyers free Beats headphones

Apple has launched its “Back to School” promotion for 2015, and this year’s is… kinda “meh” to be honest. Instead of the gift cards Apple offered in 2014 and 2013, this year students who buy a new Mac will be…Read more ›

Apple Watch has a place at school with upcoming Penn State study

Nobody’s really sure what to do with wearables like the Apple Watch, and we don’t just mean in the “How does this improve my life?” sense of it. Safety and cheating concerns are putting it on a lot of people’s…Read more ›

Kids in one New York school spend 75% of the day on iPads

A New York elementary school has taken the bold move of upgrading 75 percent of its third and fourth curriculum to iPad, meaning that students spend three-quarters of each day using their Apple tablets. Jackson Avenue School is currently in…Read more ›

Forget iPads, this school district relies on… Amiga?

Apple has always been big in the educational market, but it’s something the company has pushed more than ever under Tim Cook — albeit with sometimes mixed results. The dream of having schools fully embrace the Apple ecosystem certainly sounds…Read more ›

LA school district wants multimillion dollar refund for failed iPad program

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is demanding a multimillion dollar refund from Apple following a failed iPad program that was set to give more than 640,000 students a tablet for education. It is thought that the Board of Education is exploring…Read more ›

You wish your school had this iPad vending machine

Drexel University won our hearts two years ago with its invention of a MacBook vending machine for students. Now the school is taking its tech to the next level with a vending machine that spits out iPads. The vending machine…Read more ›