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April Fools Prank for Mac & PC: Set a Screen Shot as Screen Saver

Love it or hate it, but it’s April Fools Day, which means much of the internet is even less believable than normal, full of extra stupid jokes and ridiculous claims. We usually like to offer harmless or goofy pranks as April Fools jokes and this year we’re going to focus on a very simple prank … Read More

Check Out These Stunning 50 Megapixel iPhone Panorama Images Shot from a Plane

Imagine strapping an iPhone 7 to the bottom of an airplane, placing the camera into Panorama mode, and then flying around and capturing giant sweeping panorama images of the ground as you fly over it. The images would probably look pretty amazing, right? Well there’s no reason to imagine what they’d look like, because one … Read More

New ‘Shot On iPhone 7’ Commercial: One Night

Apple is running an all new iPhone commercial focusing on the devices camera. The commercial spot is called “One Night” and apparently includes a collection of photos and videos captured with iPhone 7 on a single night around the world, backed by a jazz soundtrack. According to the brief notes on the Apple YouTube page, … Read More

2 New “Shot on iPhone” Commercials Feature a Chipmunk & Ant

Apple has released two new “Shot on iPhone” commercials, both demonstrating the slow motion video recording effect of the iPhone camera with a focus on wildlife. One commercial shows a chipmunk eating a peanut nearly the size of its head, and the other advertisement features an ant carrying what looks like a leaf in its … Read More

8 New Visually Impressive “Shot on iPhone” Commercials Now Airing

Apple is running eight new “Shot on iPhone” ads, demonstrating the impressive recording capabilities available with the latest iPhone cameras. The commercials show off various camera effects that are possible with iPhone, including multiple instances of recording slow motion video on iPhone, a time-lapse recording video captured on iPhone, and perhaps even recording 4K video … Read More

New Balance’s latest skate shoe ad was shot entirely on an iPhone

You know that smartphone cameras are getting pretty darn good when they start regularly popping up as the filming implement of choice for ad-makers. The latest company to jump on the iPhone for shooting is New Balance Numeric, the skate shoe range of the popular sneaker brand. It’s released a 6-minute skate video/advert shot completely […]

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Virtual reality on your iPhone is just a Shot away

For all that is written about Virtual Reality, most of us have never donned that funky headset to experience it. The sensation behind the VR viewer might be cool, but it remains to be seen if the hardware will find its way into every home. The founders of a startup company called Shot might have […]

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Here’s your shot to get a gorgeous new iPhone 6S for free [Deals]

The projectors are still warm from Apple’s big event revealing the amazing new iPhone 6S, and already there’s a shot to win one for free. Just enter your email address on the sweepstakes website and click ‘ENTER NOW’. Apple’s latest iPhone sports the groundbreaking 3D Touch function, a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera, faster Touch ID and […]

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Own the camera that fired the first shot in a photographic revolution [Deals]

Consumer light-field cameras are changing how we think about photography, by creating images that seem less like static shots and more like dynamic moments. The Lytro started it all, a compact camera that marks a huge advancement in consumer photography. Now it can be yours for a drastic 59% off, just $ 79.99 at Cult of […]

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Rite Aid takes its medicine, gives Apple Pay a shot

Rite Aid originally banned the use of Apple Pay at its registers when Apple’s contactless payment system launched late last year, but it appears that the store chain is ready to change its stance later this week and let customers pay with Apple Pay. Nearly 4,600 Rite Aid stores nationwide will being accepting Apple Pay […][Read More…]