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Browse Dozens of Retro Classic Mac OS Screen Shots from 1984 to 1999

Do you enjoy taking trips down computing memory lane? Why not take a gander at screenshots of old Macintosh Mac OS releases from yesteryear, like Mac OS System 1, System 4, System 7, and System 9? A fun site called VersionMuseum hosts collections of screen shots from old software releases, including historical Mac OS versions. … Read More

How to Take Screen Shots of Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has replaced the standard Escape and Function keys with a little dynamically changing screen called the Touch Bar. Some Mac users may wish to take a screenshot of the Touch Bar, perhaps for developing, testing, or sharing purposes, similar to screenshotting displays on any other Mac or iOS … Read More

How to Take Screen Shots in iOS 10

Have you noticed taking a screenshot is harder in iOS 10 and with iPhone 7? Maybe you tried to take a screen shot in iOS 10 only to discover that you either locked the device, sent it to the Home Screen, or summoned Siri instead? This is a fairly common occurrence when taking a screenshot … Read More

Your GoPro shots could help map the world

Those beautiful GoPro photos of your goofy travels on bike or skies may contain an unmapped part of the world. In its quest to surpass Google in visual mapping, the app Mapillary earlier this month added GPS support to GoPro users who have the iOS version of the app. GoPro’s are not equipped to capture […]

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Apple TV app will wow you with stunning live shots of Earth

I’ve always wanted to go into space. The now-familiar view of our “big blue marble” have always fascinated and entranced me, even as a young boy. With Earthlapse TV, I can stare out of a virtual window from the International Space Station to watch the coast of Northern Australia spin past my high viewpoint, see […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Samsung ad takes shots at iPhone’s lack of wireless charging

Samsung’s samey marketing team is back with another ad for the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge that again picks on the iPhone. This time, it’s for the lack of wireless charging, which comes built-in on the South Korean company’s…Read more ›

Shots fired: Rival PC makers attack new MacBook

The battle of Mac vs PC is raging strong thanks to the new MacBook. While Apple fans are still debating whether they really want Jony’s minimalist gold notebook, rival PC markers have been quick to shoot down Apple’s latest innovation…Read more ›

Learn to take jaw dropping photographic shots with Adobe KnowHow [Deals]

Chances are, you’ve got a camera within a few feet of you at all times. Cameras are built into our smart phones, tablets, and many of us have have dedicated cameras for our photographic needs. With all these cameras, shouldn’t…Read more ›

Liveblog: Hard facts and cheap shots from Apple’s Q3 2014 earnings call

Tim Cook and new CFO Luca Maestri are getting ready for Apple’s Q3 2014 earnings call with investors that will reveal just how much cash the company raked in over the past three months — and what they should expect…Read more ›

More iPhone 6 spy shots show larger design, curved edges

More pictures of what is allegedly a shell for the upcoming iPhone 6 have surfaced, and if legitimate, they show the exterior design of the device in more detail than we’ve seen before. There have been rumors, leaked design schematics, and…Read more ›