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Play Jelly Mario in a Web Browser for Some Silly Gaming Fun

If you’re a gaming fan and have an affinity for retro Nintendo Mario fun, then the ridiculously silly third-party hack called Jelly Mario is sure to brighten your day. Jelly Mario basically takes the classic Nintendo Super Mario Brothers and wildly adjusts the physics so that everything is a squishy, bouncy, pliable, jelly mess, and … Read More

Cardboard is the new Google Glass of looking silly in public

Google announced a new version of its low-cost Cardboard virtual-reality headsets today at its I/O developers conference, and it’s giving some attendees a wicked case of déjà vu. Ashley Mayer, cloud-storage company Box’s director of communications, was in attendance at…Read more ›

Spotlight Search Results Blank, or Spotlight Not Working in iOS 8? Here’s a Really Silly Temporary Fix

Spotlight gained many new features and improvements with the latest version of iOS, but along with those changes came a curious bug that seems to randomly prevent Spotlight from working at all on an iPhone or iPad with empty search results. The situation is difficult to reliably reproduce since it does appear to be completely … Read More

Cortana makes Siri look silly in new Windows Phone ad

Apple may be going harder than ever, while Microsoft is having to lay off 18,000 of its employees, but the Redmond, WA company is still intent on bragging about its “superiority” over Apple. Taking a page out of the Samsung…Read more ›

Crystal Baller: Fuel cell powered iPhones and 7 other silly Apple rumors

Stack Rabbit Is Cute, Silly, And Excellent At Balancing Fun and Microtransactions [Review]

Disney’s mobile gaming efforts are surprisingly good! Stack Rabbit joins Where’s My Mickey and Where’s My Water as another easy-to-use app designed for children, but with enough appeal that adults can find plenty to enjoy. In Stack Rabbit, you play…Read more ›

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Google Releases YouTube Capture For iPad So You Can Look Silly Shooting Video On Your iPad


The #1 rule about owning an iPad: don’t use it to take pictures or videos in public. I don’t care if you’re freaking Spike Lee. You’re going to look silly.

Google doesn’t care about none of that though. They’ve just released YouTube Capture for iPad, so you can shoot videos with your giant iPad and upload them straight to YouTube.

YouTube Capture made its debut on the iPhone last December,  [Read More…]

Greenlight’s ‘Silly Sideshow’ Lawsuit Against Apple Has Finally Been Dropped

The sage between prominent Greenlight Capital investor David Einhorn and Apple continues.

Over the last couple of weeks a ‘silly sideshow’ has been playing out between Greenlight Capital and Apple Inc. Greenlight Capital’s CEO, David Einhorn, has been trying to force Apple to offer preferred stock plans by suing Apple in court, while Tim Cook and Apple disagree with his proposals.

Even though Einhorn has won at least one small victory over Apple in court,  [Read More…]

Scare Yourself Silly With The Walking Dead: Episode Four – Around Every Corner

I’m not sure it’s that safe in the city, guys.

The fourth installment of the five episode game series, The Walking Dead, is available now for your Mac on Steam. The group of survivors head into Savannah to find a boat to escape from the horror around them. Not only must they avoid the undead, but the human threat as well. The survivors are getting more and more skittish, even paranoid, and  [Read More…]

Passbook Gets Explanatory Paragraph, Still Seems Silly

I have to admit, I was intrigued by Passbook when I first heard of it. An app that keeps my airline and movie tickets together with my coupons and customer loyalty cards seems like a good idea. For now, however, Passbook in iOS 6 seems like a placeholder to me, an app with no real purpose in and of itself, a place to link to other apps.

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