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How to Hide Firefox Top Sites, Recommended, Highlights, Snippets, & Other Launch Clutter

Firefox now defaults to showing the user a very busy launch page. Longtime Firefox users are likely already aware of this, but if you haven’t used the Firefox browser in a while, you may be surprised to launch Firefox to discover just how cluttered and busy the web browser has become at initial launch with … Read More

5 proven SEO tips to boost your site’s search rankings right now

This post is brought to you by SEO PowerSuite, an all-in-one suite of powerful yet easy-to-use Mac SEO tools. As Google changes its algorithms, website operators who want to land a prized top spot in search results must update their…Read more ›

Google warns iPhone users when sites use Adobe Flash

Apple has been waging a fierce war against Flash ever since the iPhone debuted without the power to run Adobe’s battery hungry, multimedia software. Finally, seven years into the battle, Google is adding another blow by flagging Flash content in mobile…Read more ›

Change Your Passwords For These 15 Heartbleed-Vulnerable Sites ASAP

Heartbleed sent the web reeling with the discovery that the catastrophic security hole quietly left passwords and other private data open for the taking on nearly 66% of the Internet’s servers.  Luckily for Apple customers, iOS and OS X were…Read more ›

Block Specific Web Sites in Safari for iOS with a “Never Allow” List

The optional iOS Restrictions settings provides a way to limit access to adult themed websites from Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but for some purposes those default restrictions may not go far enough. For those looking to gain additional control over web access, users will find that individual websites can be added … Read More

How To Customize The Number Of Top Sites In Safari [OS X Tips]

When you launch Safari on OS X Mavericks, you’ll typically get a set of thumbnails of web sites you’ve visited, called Top Sites. The default set is twelve thumbnails, but if you hop into the Safari preferences, you can set…Read more ›    

How to Enable Flash Plugin for Specific Web Sites Only in Safari for Mac OS X

Safari Safari 7 now provides finely tuned controls over what websites can use which browser plugins, and there are few better uses for such a feature than selectively limiting the Adobe Flash Player plugin to only be enabled for specifically approved websites. Basically this means you can have the Flash player installed on your Mac, but blocked for your wider web experience, while still being allowed on a few select sites that  [Read More…]

Rearrange, Pin, Or Delete Safari Top Sites Thumbnails With Ease [OS X Tips]

When you launch Safari these days, you’ll get the Top Sites page, showing all the sites you visit most frequently in Safari. If you’ve disabled this default view, you can get to it with a quick Option-Command-1 in Safari. Did…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Add Web Sites to Safari Favorites Page in iOS

Safari for iOS When opening a new page in Safari for iOS, the first thing seen is the “Favorites” page, which is basically a collection of website recommendations and bookmarks. That Favorites page is what you see when you have no active pages open in both normal and private mode, and also what you see when you tap the [+] button to open a new webpage in Safari.

Favorites  <a href=[Read More…]

Phlo For iOS Searches Across Multiple Sites

phloPhlo is a handy little Universal iOS app which lets you search a bunch of different search engines simultaneously. Just tap in your search term and then hop between various sites using the popover sidebar list. The iOS version of Phlo is the offspring of the OS X version, and your searches can be synced […]

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