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Mysterious ‘snake’ Apple Watch error? Here’s what it means

Seven months after its launch, we appear to be seeing a previously unheard-of Apple Watch error, but we think we’ve figured out what it means. Wall Street Journal tech editor Joanna Stern brought the issue to attention on her Twitter account; the screen kind of looks like her Apple Watch had suddenly decided to play […]

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Snake Rewind and other awesome apps you might have missed this week

BungaJungle, A Magnetic iPad-Supporting Snake

With just hours left before the weekend, the Bungajungle is unlikely to be beaten for the week’s best-named gadget. It’s also a pretty fantastic-looking iPad stand, with enough flexibility (pun most definitely intended) to double up as a stand for…Read more ›

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Play The Old Snake Game On Your iPhone

Back in the late 90s Snake was The Game. Almost every body had a Nokia in these days and every body enjoyed playing Snake and constantly trying to break the high score. Now you can play it again on your iPhone thanks to Snake 97. snake The story behind this game was that my iPhone  [Read More…]