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Hubble finds football-shaped moons in the end zone of our solar system

Just because Pluto lost its planetary status doesn’t mean it’s any less interesting to astronomers. NASA on Wednesday reported two football-shaped moons that wobble so unpredictably that the sun could rise in a different direction every day from either of…Read more ›

Save over 45% on the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10,000mAh solar battery pack [Deals]

You can pack pretty much anything into a survival kit: food, warm clothes, and water. What you can’t pack, however, is enough electrical power to give life to your iPhone or iPad – until now, that is. Introducing the nifty ZeroLemon…Read more ›

Best deals of the week: KeySmart, 20,000mAh solar battery pack, Jamstik & more [Deals]

Complement your Apple user experience with a hot, new product from Cult of Mac Deals where you’ll always find cool gear and awesome prices. Save big right now on some of our best deals including the KeySmart 2.0, the ZeroLemon…Read more ›

Apple’s new solar farm is a really big deal

Tim Cook made a big stand for climate change yesterday by announcing Apple’s plan to invest $ 850 million in a solar farm that will power the company’s Cupertino campus as well as all retail operations in California. “We know at…Read more ›

Apple to build $850 million solar farm to power spaceship campus and CA stores

During his appearance at today’s Goldman Sachs keynote, Tim Cook announced that Apple is building a massive new solar farm in California to power it’s new spaceship campus and other office. Apple’s solar farm will occupy 1300 acres in Monterey,…Read more ›

Stay charged with the rugged ZeroLemon Solar Charge 20,000mAh battery backup [Deals]

You can pack pretty much anything into a survival kit: food, water, blankets. What you can’t pack, however, is 20,000mAh of electrical power to give life to your communications devices – until now, that is. Introducing the foward thinking ZeroLemon…Read more ›

Intriguing new Hubble photos hint at solar system origins

The muse of the Hubble Space Telescope is even more alluring 20 years later. Of all the breath-taking photos from the telescope’s camera, the blooming pillars of gas of the Eagle Nebula from 1995 became Hubble’s most iconic image, depicted…Read more ›

Spray-on solar cells could be answer to smartphone battery life problems

Up until the present, the various paintjobs of our phones have existed primarily as a means of personalization. In the near future, they could well be the way that our phones are charged. A new study by the UK’s University…Read more ›

AT&T solar charging stations are reproducing on the streets of New York

Instagramming your skinny cinnamon latte and taking selfies of yourself with your skinny cinnamon latte is always going to take its toll on your phone’s battery. But that’s going to be less of a concern for those who live and work…Read more ›

Solarpad. Finally, A Proper Solar Charger For Hikers And Bikers

At an RRP of $ 200, the Solarpad isn’t the cheapest solar charger for your iPhone, but it does aim to be the best. Every detail has been tweaked to squeeze the last drop of juice from the Sun’s photons, from…Read more ›    [Read More…]