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Banks will spend big to take on Apple Pay

Having recently arrived in Canada and Australia, and with plans underway for a February launch in China, it’s safe to say that Apple Pay is taking over the NFC payments world. Which is exactly why, according to a new report, banks are ramping up their technology budgets in order to compete — concerned that tech […]

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We spend 7 weeks per year staring at our phones, study claims

People aged 16 to 30 spend around 3.2 hours per day on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, according to a new study by global market research company TNS. That translates as 49 days out of the year staring at miniature screens — with people reported to look at their phones a massive 150 times daily. […]

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Sisters spend Labor Day weekend launching kids space program

Ask sisters Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung about their Labor Day weekend and they could legitimately say, It was out of this world. With a craft they constructed using light-weight wood and arrow shafts, Kimberly, 8, and Rebecca, 10, launched a weather balloon that reached a height of 78,000 feet. How do they know? Other than […]

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Dump Flash Player now or spend the rest of your life patching it

Adobe Systems Inc. has yet another patch for you to download and install to fix yet another critical security hole in its ubiquitous Flash Player browser plugin. Hackers are already onto the exploit, so if you use Adobe Flash Player,…Read more ›

Kids in one New York school spend 75% of the day on iPads

A New York elementary school has taken the bold move of upgrading 75 percent of its third and fourth curriculum to iPad, meaning that students spend three-quarters of each day using their Apple tablets. Jackson Avenue School is currently in…Read more ›

Use these wallpapers to spend less time on your iPhone

Designer, artist and feminist Molly McLeod has an iPhone problem. It’s one we probably all share: We spend too much time staring at it. Imagine how much worse it’s going to get when we replace our neurotic iPhone obsession with…Read more ›

Apple will spend $1.93bn in Europe on its greenest data centers yet

Apple has announced plans to open up two new data centers in Europe: its biggest European project to date. Located in Ireland and Denmark, the twin data centers will power the company’s online services including the iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Maps…Read more ›

Spend Christmas Eve tracking Santa’s journey from your iPhone

There are plenty of festive apps out there, but one of the quirkiest and most fun is the NORAD Tracks Santa app, which lets you keep real time tabs on Jolly Old Saint Nick as he carries out his gift-dispensing journey…Read more ›

Foxconn to spend $2.6 billion building a factory exclusively for Apple

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Foxconn is set to spend $ 2.6 billion building a new factory in Taiwan exclusively to create displays for Apple. Equipment installation for the factory is likely to begin next month, with the aim of starting…Read more ›

Scammer used closed accounts to spend thousands at Apple Stores

A Florida man has been charged with federal wire fraud for racking up $ 309,000 in illegal credit card transactions, with many of them carried out at Apple Stores. 52-year-old Sharron L. Parrish Jr. visited different Apple Stores – including those in Brandon, Boca Raton,…Read more ›