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Clever selfie stick disguises itself as an iPhone case

Selfie sticks receive a lot of hate for being annoying instruments of narcissism. They’re inconvinient to carry around and can make you look just plain silly. A brilliant new selfie stick may have solved the device’s worst problems though with a cleverly designed iPhone case that hides a telescoping 28-inch long selfie stick in the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Somebody finally figured out where you can stick your Apple Pencil

When Apple enthusiastically introduced to the Apple Pencil in September, it left out one little detail – where we are supposed to put it. SteelConnect, a company known for designing smart watch accessories, has come up with with a pencil holder that connects to the new iPad Pro. The Quarter provides a way to store […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Bluetooth iPhone grip goes further than any selfie stick can

Trying to hold your iPhone like you once did a camera can feel awkward. It’s not designed to fit the hands the same way. A selfie stick can free your hands, but can also get you thrown out of a…Read more ›

This selfie stick alternative is simply brilliant

  Selfie sticks are quite possibly the worst thing mankind has ever invented. They’re annoying, long, and narcissistic and you can’t go to a concert, museum, landmark, or pretty much anywhere else in public without running into fifty dudes trying…Read more ›

Lust List: Electric wheels, trick packs and a selfie stick even Apple could love

21 places to stick your GoPro. And no, not there

We all know how exciting a GoPro camera can make our lives look. Mount one to the end of a surfboard, on the handlebars of a mountain bike or to the helmet of a wingsuit diver and the viewer can…Read more ›

Your selfie stick isn’t welcome at WWDC

If you’re lucky enough to get an invite to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this June, make sure you don’t turn up at Moscone West with your selfie stick. Apple’s information page for the event confirms that selfie sticks and similar…Read more ›

Oddball USB stick offers infinite iPhone storage

Slo-mo videos have become my favorite new thing to shoot with the iPhone 6 Plus now that Apple added the ability to spit out gorgeous vids at 240 FPS, but my slo-mo addiction comes at a heavy cost: storage space.…Read more ›

Stick this wireless, iPhone controlled light switch on any wall

Ever been annoyed by the placement of lightswitches in your house? Is there never around where you need one? The Avi-on Switch is a new light switch with an associated iPhone app that you can literally just stick onto your…Read more ›

Soon you’ll be able to stick iBeacons on anything

Estimote makes iBeacons in little polygon shapes with cool colors and custom designs. Designed to communicate over low-energy Bluetooth, Estimote Beacons can be used to alert nearby smartphones of a specific deal when they enter a shop, for example. But what if…Read more ›