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How to View Live Lyrics with Apple Music on iPhone & iPad, Karaoke Style

Ever wanted to see the song lyrics accompanying the music you were listening to on iPhone or iPad? With Apple Music, you can easily view live song lyrics to any playing song, karaoke style. The words and lyrics stream across the screen, making it easy to keep tabs on what is being sung and when. … Read More

Ive got style: Sir Jony among world’s best-dressed men

With international acclaim, plenty of celebrity admirers, and a new, improved job title, Jony Ive has certainly got plenty going in his favor here in 2015. Now Vanity Fair has added one more: naming Apple’s premier design genius one of its international best-dressed men of the year. No doubt down to his choice of smartwatch, surely. […][Read More…]

Carry your 15-inch MacBook Pro in style with this gorgeous saddle bag

It’s no secret that Booq, the creators of high-end computer bags and backpacks, draws its design inspiration from snakes. Cobra, Python, Viper and Mamba are just some of its product lines and if we get past our terror of snakes,…Read more ›

Swiss custom Apple Watch offers Edition style at (relatively) low price

If you like the look of the high-end Apple Watch Edition, but the $ 10,000+ price point makes your heart and wallet hurt, a Swiss company might have a nice alternative for you. Golden Dreams of Geneva specializes in classing up…Read more ›

Charge your Apple Watch in style with this wood stand that’s only $20 [Deals]

You waited for the Apple Watch for what felt like forever…so casually tossing it on your nightstand at the end of the day? Not an option. Keep yours charging safely and stylishly with this wood charging stand, now $ 19.99 at…Read more ›

What the Elle? Style bible likens Apple Watch to Birkenstocks

Elle fashion magazine thinks you should totally buy an Apple Watch. While some early tech reviewers have recently panned the device two months after launch, Elle magazine’s Lauren Sherman says after telling people for weeks that they should probably wait…Read more ›

Save 63% on big style and sound in the Veho Bluetooth Speaker [Deals]

Got an audiophile dad? Your search for a Father’s Day gift ends here, with the Veho leather Bluetooth speaker. This retro-style piece is the rare Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t make design an afterthought, housing six watts of high-fidelity sound and…Read more ›

Charge your new Apple Watch in style with the Griffin WatchStand

Charge your Apple Watch in style with this sleek charging dock and stand, now available on Cult of Mac Deals for only $ 27. The WatchStand holds the magnetic charging cord in place and keeps your Apple Watch at an easily…Read more ›

Recharge your iPhone in style with the Bobine Flexible Charging Dock [Deals]

If you are an iPhone user then you already know that there’s about a million and a half individual accessories that you can buy for it. Chargers, stands, docking stations, tripods and more can be had in a range of…Read more ›

Awesome throwback lamp will blind you with style

I finally pitched the cheap plastic desk lamp I’ve had since high school and replaced it with the light I’ve always wanted: the iconic Anglepoise 1227. If you’re looking for a classic desk lamp that won’t fade into the backdrop…Read more ›