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Chinese sperm bank wants you to swap your swimmers for an iPhone 6s

China seems to have a bit of a problem with certain members of the population trying to trade vital organs for Apple’s next-gen iPhone 6s. Responding to this, a local sperm bank at Renji Hospital in Shanghai is offering donors the cash to buy Apple’s new handset in exchange for a sperm sample. “No need to […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Drone tool could throw life rings to swimmers in trouble

The buff and beautiful lifeguard runs in slow motion down the beach, unseen winds blowing their hair in a Hollywood-made rescue fantasy. But hey, you’re drowning, there’s no time for that. Your savior could be a group of Connecticut high…Read more ›

Triathlon Swimmer’s Pants Stolen, Uses Find My iPhone, Retrieves iPhone And Wallet

Install this app, right now, especially if you’re planning on leaving your iPhone in your pants on the beach somewhere.

Ah, thank Apple for iCloud, Find My iPhone, and open water swimming. Wait, scratch that last bit.

Redditor and triathlon competitor pnine yesterday was out for a training swim in the ocean. He left his pants on the shore when diving into the water in his wetsuit, his keys in his  [Read More…]