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How to Use QuickPath Swipe Keyboard on iPhone & iPad with iOS 13

One of the best features of iOS 13 is the new QuickPath keyboard on iPhone and iPad. It makes it easier to type one-handed by swiping your thumb across the keyboard, rather than hunting and pecking at individual keys. Here we will demonstrate how to use QuickPath swiping keyboard, and also how to turn the … Read More

Meizu Pro 6 is latest Android to swipe iPhone’s 3D Touch

Samsung didn’t adopt the iPhone’s pressure-sensitive display for its latest Galaxies as some reports promised it would, but other Android makers are already using it. The latest is Meizu, which today unveiling its incredibly attractive Pro 6 smartphone with “3D Press” technology, plus a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display, a ten-core Helio X25 chipset, and a […]

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Swipe your photos from one device to another without any fuss

With iOS, you have AirDrop, and on Android you have Android Beam to send photos and files back and forth to other devices running the same operating system. But what if you want to send photos from your iPhone to your friend’s Nexus? Or vice versa? FotoSwipe, a new app for both iOS and Android, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Pro tip: Tap, don’t swipe, with your Siri Remote

If you’ve tried to type in any sort of long password or search terms into your new Apple TV using the fancy Siri Remote, you know you’ve had a tough time. Even if you adjust the tracking to make it a little more accurate, scrolling through letters and clicking on the touch surface can be […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Swipe your way to iOS 9’s suggested contacts

iOS 8 introduced the idea of showing your most-contacted contacts in the multitasking screen. You’d simply double click on the Home button to see the list of the most recent apps as well as a row of the folks you contacted the most across the top. If you’re looking for that feature in iOS 9, […][Read More…]

Is the Apple Watch too easy for thieves to swipe and wipe?

Your shiny new Apple Watch? It’s a lot more vulnerable to being stolen than you might know. Jeff Benjamin over at the iDownload Blog makes a great point: Apple Watch security is a step backward for Apple when it comes…Read more ›

How to Disable Swipe Navigation Gestures in Google Chrome for Mac

Many Mac apps support a two-finger swipe to go back / forward gesture, but not all users wish to use the scrolling gesture. For those who use Google Chrome, you may find that if you have disabled the system-wide “Swipe between pages” feature, you’ll still have the swipe navigation available in the Chrome app. This … Read More

Parody videos take a swipe at Apple Watch

One magical piece of wearable technology, two radically different parody videos. The first takes a jab at the seemingly never-ending supply of superlatives Jony Ive uses to describe the Apple Watch. The other reminds us just how precious watches are…Read more ›

Quickly Turn Off the iPhone Alarm Clock with a Swipe

The iPhone Clock app has replaced many bedside alarm clocks out there, fitting since many of us sleep with an iPhone on a bed stand anyway. While most users know that you can snooze / sleep the iPhone alarm by just tapping on the screen or pressing one of physical buttons on the phone (volume … Read More

Up, up and away: New tweak lets you swipe vertically to unlock your iPhone

Have you ever dreamed of swiping up instead of across on your smartphone to unlock it — a whole new way of doing things that is totally unlike the iPhone standard? No, this isn’t a leaked memo from Samsung’s R&D…Read more ›