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Jony Ive was right — Swiss watchmakers are dying

Jony Ive memorably (allegedly) described Swiss watchmakers as “f**ked” due to the then-impending launch of the launch of the Apple Watch, and one year later — like some kind of creepy, well-dressed soothsayer in an Apple-centric episode of The Twilight Zone — it seems he may have been correct. Swiss watch exports suffered their biggest decline in six years in October, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Watch is killing Swiss watches faster than expected

The third-quarter figures are in for the Swiss watch industry, and it’s not good news. Exports slid 8.5 percent over the past three months, continuing a trend that has some worried that newer tech like the Apple Watch might be affecting demand for traditional timepieces. Analysts are citing falling sales in Asia as the reason […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Swiss custom Apple Watch offers Edition style at (relatively) low price

If you like the look of the high-end Apple Watch Edition, but the $ 10,000+ price point makes your heart and wallet hurt, a Swiss company might have a nice alternative for you. Golden Dreams of Geneva specializes in classing up…Read more ›

How the Swiss Army Knife was the iPhone of its day

With an iPhone in your hand and thousands of apps at your disposal, you may think you have the one gadget that can get you out of any situation. But there’s a kind of analog handset that offers sharp solutions…Read more ›

Apple Watch launch puts Swiss Watch exports in a slump

The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FSWI) has announced today that for the first time since 2009 exports of traditional timepieces are down, and it looks like Apple Watch is to blame. Wristwatch exports from Switzerland fell almost 9 percent…Read more ›

Swatch inventor says winter is coming for Swiss watchmakers

Swatch may be just a couple of months from launching its own Apple Watch rival, but the 61-year old co-creator of the low cost Swatch wristwatch, Elmar Mock, isn’t being shy about describing the havoc he thinks Apple’s debut wearable…Read more ›

Key Smart brings Swiss Army order to keys in pocket

At our current place on the evolutionary chart, we are a species that carries more things in the pockets of tighter pants. Michael Tunney understood this every time he went to a bar and saw patrons pull out their cell…Read more ›

Apple plans to exploit low interest rates in Swiss franc bond sale

Apple is sitting on more cash than King Midas could dream of, but instead of bringing that money back to the U.S. to fund stock buybacks, Apple is reportedly looking to exploit Switzerland’s low interest rates with a Swiss Franc…Read more ›

Jony Ive called it: ‘Swiss Made’ watches are in trouble

You’ve got to hand it to Sir Jonathan Ive: Apple’s head of design knows how to scare the competition. Wearables at CES were a huge disappointment, and there was a palpable sense that everyone was just waiting for the Apple Watch…Read more ›

Swiss watchmaker’s squirming makes Jony Ive sound like a prophet

Luxury Swiss watch makers were originally dismissive of Apple Watch, but now that its launch is inching closer, TAG Heur’s chief squirmed in front of the press today announce his brand is working on something that might be totally amazing. They’re just still…Read more ›