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The biggest takeaways from Apple’s tiniest keynote in years

Evolution, not revolution, was the tone of today’s low-key Apple event. Smaller is better, says Apple, with two big product “reveals” that show off compact new devices with impressive internals. While most of the announcements today have already been discussed and dissected, like the 4-inch iPhone SE, new Apple Watch bands and a smaller 9.7-inch […]

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The 7 biggest takeaways from Apple’s Q4 earnings call

The iPhone 6s is a huge hit, China is still doing great, and Android users absolutely love switching to iPhone. Those are just some of the details Tim Cook and Apple CFO Luca Maestri revealed during this afternoon’s earnings call with investors that revealed Apple managed to top Wall Street’s expectations thanks to the iPhone […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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11 key takeaways from Apple’s latest blockbuster financial quarter

The iPhone 6 is a monster hit, China is falling hard for Apple, and Tim Cook is delighted with the world’s response to the Apple Watch. And those are just some of the key insights from today’s Apple earnings call.…Read more ›

7 biggest takeaways from Tim Cook’s interview at WSJD Live

Tim Cook gave a rare public interview on Monday night at the Wall Street Journal’s new tech conference, WSJD. The Apple CEO touched on a range of topics, including Apple Pay’s success, a big potential partnership, why the iPod classic…Read more ›

10 key takeaways from Apple’s expectation-crushing earnings call

Apple surpassed analysts’ expectations with $ 42.1 billion in revenue in the back-to-school season, buoyed by unprecedented iPhone sales and surprisingly strong demand for Macs. While breaking down the Q4 2014 numbers during today’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook and…Read more ›

The 12 biggest takeaways from Apple’s iPad event

It’s been way too long, joked Apple, since any groundbreaking announcements like the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Plus. While the product refreshes announced at today’s iPad-centric event aren’t as high on “wow” as the revelations during last month’s big…Read more ›

6 takeaways from part 2 of Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose

Part two of Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose recently aired on PBS. While not quite as long or revealing as the first part, it’s still definitely worth watching. Here are six takeaways we got from part two of Cook’s…Read more ›

Trust the magic pipeline and other key takeaways from Apple’s Q3 earnings call

Even Apple execs sounded pleasantly surprised as they revealed last quarter’s mostly higher-than-expected numbers Tuesday. But in what’s become something of a refrain in Cupertino, they couldn’t stop themselves from vague and knowing references to the incredible products waiting in…Read more ›

9 Key Takeaways From Apple’s Surprising Earnings Call

Apple turned what could have been a deathly boring financial ritual into an occasion for celebration Wednesday, posting record numbers and making headlines with some unexpected moves. Here’s our take on everything you need to know from the latest quarterly…Read more ›