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How to Enable TextEdit Dark Mode on Mac

TextEdit, the default text editor bundled with MacOS, now supports a dark mode theme, which basically inverts the color display of the text editor so that white text appears on a dark background, rather than the default black text on white background. This makes working in TextEdit at night or in low light conditions a … Read More

Using TextEdit Tabs on Mac

If you use TextEdit on Mac for your simple word processing and quick plain text editing needs like a Notepad equivalent from the Windows world, you’ll likely appreciate that the latest versions of Mac OS support tabbed windows in TextEdit. This can dramatically reduce window clutter in the TextEdit app, just like tabs work elsewhere. … Read More

Jump to a Line Number in TextEdit Documents on the Mac

TextEdit is a surprisingly handy Mac app that is mostly underutilized and under appreciated, and while it’s certainly not going to compete with the abilities of pro text editors like BBEdit and TextWrangler, it can function as a simple code editor in a pinch. One of the quintessential features of any good text editor is … Read More

Make TextEdit in Mac OS X Behave More Like Windows Notepad

Many longtime Windows users have grown to rely on the Notepad app for it’s plain text editing simplicity, for everything from writing little code blocks to just serving as a easy way to strip formatting and styling from anything copied into an open Notepad document. As a result, many Windows switchers to the Mac platform … Read More

How to Turn Off Autocorrect in Pages & TextEdit on Mac OS X

Many users have noticed that turning off autocorrect in the Mac OS X System Preferences does not impact every single app on their Macs. Two cases in point where autocorrect stays on; Pages, the word processor app from Apple, and TextEdit, the default text editing app that comes with all Macs. If you want to … Read More

Turn TextEdit Into an HTML Source Viewer with a Simple Settings Change

TextEdit is a reasonably decent text editing app that has been bundled along with just about every version of OS X since the beginning. If you’ve ever opened an HTML file with TextEdit you have probably discovered the app actually renders the HTML code, displaying the formatted text, rather than displaying the source itself. This is actually really simple to adjust, and all it takes is a settings change to turn TextEdit into an HTML code viewer rather, and as  [Read More…]

Search the Web from Mac OS X Finder, TextEdit, and Preview

Search Google from TextEdit Mac OS X and several default apps have a built-in ability to quickly search the web. Highlight any text in the Finder, Preview, or TextEdit, and then hit Command+Shift+L to launch Safari with a Google search for the highlighted text selection. The web browser will be set to Safari regardless of your default browser settings and doesnít appear to be customizable. However, you can select either Google,  [Read More…]

Bean: The Word Processor For Those Who Need Something Between TextEdit and Word [50 Mac Essentials #38]

Bean icon Bean is one of OS Xís little treasures. Itís a lightweight rich text editor thatís nimble, fast and offers just a teeny tiny bit more than Appleís own TextEdit. And does all this for free.   Beanís maker, James Hoover, stresses that his application isnít intended as a replacement for Microsoft Word. If you love Word, stick with it. But if, like James, you think Word  [Read More…]