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Tim Cook on Apple’s tax avoidance: ‘That’s total political crap’

Tim Cook will sat down for a wide-ranging interview with 60 Minutes host Charlie Rose for Sunday night’s episode inside Apple HQ, and it appears that the two will have a heated exchange about Apple’s tax practice. In a preview of the interview released this afternoon, Tim Cook defended Apple’s tax policies, noting that the […]

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Choose your online armor with the virtual private network that’s best for you [Deals]

Encrypting transactions, bypassing location restrictions, anonymizing browsing — the reasons for connecting to the web through a virtual private network are many, but so are the options. Luckily we’ve found four VPN services that are going for a fraction of the normal price, meaning instead of searching for a deal you can just choose the […]

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Beddi is an alarm clock that’s more like having your own butler

You may have broke your last alarm clock swiping it off your nightstand as you tried to make it stop doing that one thing it’s supposed to do – get your ass out of bed. In its place comes Beddi, the clock that teams up with your iPhone to wake you, get the coffee started […]

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A delivery service for geeks? Yep, that’s a thing now [Deals]

There’s never been a better time to be called a geek — the term has come to describe a culture represented by some of the biggest films, TV shows, games and gatherings in the whole world. Those who speak geek love to express their fandom for the fantastic in the tangible form of gear, collectibles, […]

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Save over 25% on the iPhone cable that’s wrapped in a full metal jacket [Deal]

Amateur hour is over — it’s time for an iPhone cable that means business. Avoid the fray, the tangles, the scuffed up grossness that is the stock iPhone cable after just a few weeks of regular use by stepping up…Read more ›

Charge your Apple Watch in style with this wood stand that’s only $20 [Deals]

You waited for the Apple Watch for what felt like forever…so casually tossing it on your nightstand at the end of the day? Not an option. Keep yours charging safely and stylishly with this wood charging stand, now $ 19.99 at…Read more ›

Everything that’s new in iOS 9 beta 2

Apple seeded iOS 9 beta 2 to developers today and while there aren’t any groundbreaking new features or drastic improvements, the company did manage to add a bunch of little changes and tweaks across the OS. Most of the improvements are…Read more ›

This year’s WWDC keynote was a mere ‘S’ upgrade, but that’s OK

Every other year Apple releases an “S” version of the iPhone. Later this year, we’ll see the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The “S” models generally deliver modest improvements — better cameras, better networking, faster chips. But the basic design…Read more ›

There’s no money for Apple in music streaming, but that’s ok

The redesign and relaunch of Beats Music is one of the most anticipated announcements Apple fans are expecting to hear about next week at WWDC. Apple spent $ 3 billion on Beats in an effort to take on the likes of…Read more ›

Jony Ive praises Airbnb as “remarkable startup” that’s “soaringly ambitious”

As part of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, Jony Ive penned a short essay praising Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky for creating a “remarkable startup.” “The service that Brian and his partners imagined is soaringly ambitious and utterly practical,” said Ive,…Read more ›