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Here Are All The Important Numbers From Today’s Apple Earnings Call


Apple just posted one of their most successful financial quarters ever. A bunch of records were broken for iPad sales, iPhone sales, net revenue, and net profit.

Sorting through the pile of information and numbers Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer just gave us can make your head spin, so we’ve broken it down for you. Here are the most important numbers you need to know from today’s earnings call:

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Facebook To Take On Google By Launching New Search Engine At Today’s Event [Rumor]


Facebook is set to hold a press event later today, and it appears the whole thing’s going to be a massive kick in the teeth for Google. Not only is the social network expected to unveil its own smartphone, possibly powered by its own platform, but it’s also expected to hit Google where it really hurts — in search. Rumor has it the company will unveil its own search engine, which  [Read More…]

Everything Apple Announced At Today’s iPad Mini Event [Mega-Roundup]


Today’s iPad Mini event was incredible. Tim Cook and the gang just unleashed a tsunami of new Apple products on the world for the second straight month. Yes, the iPad Mini made an appearance, but there was so much more sweet stuff that it’s hard to keep up with all the details.

Rather than getting lost in the flood of thousands of different posts that will be written about the  [Read More…]

Today’s Camera Phones Are Better Than The Compacts Of Five Years Ago

Dxomark Score 3

According to the sensor-studying pixel peepers at DxOMark, cellphone cameras have already surpassed the compact cameras of five years ago in terms of image quality. Amazing.

Like the iPhone 5, most of today’s competitive smartphones sport a camera with a sensor of at least 8megapixels. This is a far cry from one of the world’s first mass-produced camera cellphones, the Sharp-made J-SH04, which had a sensor resolution of 110,000 pixels, or just 0.1-Mpix.  [Read More…]

Todays Entire iPhone 5 Keynote In Pictures [Gallery]

You’re probably frothing at the mouth waiting for Apple to upload the video of today’s keynote, right? No? Good. Sitting through two hours of Apple talk is a pretty big commitment when you could do something better, like go outside, or play with a puppy, or eat.

Here’s Apple entire iPhone 5 keynote in pictures so you can still feel like you saw it all:


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Todays Stupidest Exclusive Report Says Apples Siri-Controlled iTV Will Arrive By April [Uh, No.]

The hope of a new Apple product on the horizon tends to make tech blogs a little fanciful, sometimes even delusional, so its hard to fault Techno Buffalo too much for their exclusive report that an Apple-made OLED HDTV with Siri functionalities the much talked about iTV is coming out this April, or possibly May at the latest. Hey, we all get carried away from time to time.  [Read More…]

Apple Denies Social Media Integration Followed Today’s Online Store Downtime

Despite earlier reports from around the web that Apple’s online store began featuring new social media integration tools following this morning’s inexplicable site outage, Apple is now officially denying that the social media functions were launched today. On Wednesday morning, it was first reported that the Apple Online Store had begun allowing users to share webpages of products through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The new feature is somewhat prominent, for example, on  [Read More…]