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Twitter’s ready to make money off Moments

Just a few short weeks after Twitter launched Moments, it’s already gearing up to start the monetization process. Promoted Moments will have brands curate some of their favorite tweets from around the service relevant to the promotion and pack them neatly in Twitter’s newest feature. The advertisers will get 24 hours to display their Promoted […]

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Twitter’s next OS X update will bring support for El Capitan’s dark mode

Although the microblogging service pays a lot of attention to its iOS client, even rolling out a new feature called Moments last week, Twitter has traditionally ignored its OS X client. But it’s about to get a much needed update, including a dark mode custom tailored for OS X El Capitan. The announcement of the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Twitter’s iPhone app introduces ‘While you were away’ recaps

Twitter is introducing a new way of catching you up on tweets you might have missed. A new “While you were away” recap will occasionally be shown at the top of the timeline in the official iOS app. Twitter says…Read more ›

Twitter’s App Ads Now Offer Direct Download Links

Twitter advertisements promoting apps and games will now offer direct download links that make it easier and faster for users to obtain the titles that catch their eye. Twitter teased the new feature several weeks ago and officially announced it…Read more ›

This Safari Extension Gives Twitter’s White UI A Dark Mode

Twitter’s new web design began rolling out to all users yesterday, but if you hate the new white UI there’s already an extension for Safari that darkens the scene. One of the reasons I love third party apps like Tweetbot…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Twitter’s Latest iOS Update Adds Easier Photo Editing, Reply And More

If you’re a user of the official Twitter app for iOS, good news. The app has been updated to version 6.1, and it introduces new options and features, including an easier reply mechanism that allows you to reply with (and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Twitter’s iOS App Now Lets You Send Photos Over DM, Swipe Through Timelines

Today Twitter released version 6.0 of its official iOS app, a pretty substantial update that adds the ability to send photos in DMs. The design of the app has also been “refreshed” with a swipeable timeline interface, making it smoother…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Twitter’s iOS 7 App Will Get A New Feed Dedicated To TV

twitterThanks to all of Jony’s changes with iOS 7, every app developer in the world is hurrying to finish their iOS 7 overhaul. Twitter is busy at work on their update too, except rather than just making everything flatter with shimmering gradients, Twitter plans to introduced a new feed dedicated to everything about TV, according […]

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Twitter’s New Music Discovery App Could Launch Today!


We’ve heard tell that Twitter would soon be launching a music-discovery app, but it now appears that we might see it as early as today.

According to sources speaking to All Things D, the world’s most popular microblogging social network intends on launching a standalone music app this weekend at the Coachella music festival.

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Twitter’s New Music App Is Out, But Only If You’re Famous Enough

ryan searcrest

You are not this guy.

Twitter’s rumored music app technically exists, and it even has its own website. But normal people can’t use it yet. Twitter was expected to unveil a standalone music app to the world sometime today, but it turns out that the social network is doing a promotion with celebrities to generate more hype. This is all timed with the Coachella music festival this weekend, of course.

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