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Jony Ive explains why Apple Pencil is unlike any other stylus

In what seems to be less of a rare occurrence these days, Chief Design Officer of Apple Jony Ive gave an interview  about the iPad Pro for launch day. Specifically, he talks about the infamous optional accessory called the Apple Pencil. Being that most people at first glance will see this as an overpriced, $ 100 stylus, it’s fair […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Unlike: Facebook throws in the towel on failed Poke and Camera apps

Remember Facebook Poke? It’s become nothing more than a faint memory since its introduction in December 2012. But for some reason the iPhone app has stayed on the App Store until now. Today Facebook decided to do some spring cleaning…Read more ›

Unlike Android, iPhone users are totally safe from mobile malware

For years Macs have had the reputation of being less susceptible to malware than PCs. According to a new report, that also holds true when it comes to iPhones. Research by Finnish security firm F-Secure looked at reports of mobile…Read more ›

Unlike AT&T, Verizon Will Give You Unrestricted Access To FaceTime Over Cellular

If you’re debating on which carrier to go with when you pre-order the iPhone 5 on Friday, then maybe this news will help you make a decision. Verizon has gone on the record to say that it won’t charge extra or have any specific requirements for using FaceTime over Cellular in iOS 6, while AT&T will.

Verizon will let you use FaceTime over Cellular on your current plan (including grandfathered unlimited  [Read More…]

Unlike Most Workers, Working At Home Via iPhone Or iPad Improves The Work/Life Balance Of IT Pros

The iPhone and iPad are top mobile tools for IT pros and help them maintain work/life balance.

A handful of studies recently have looked at the impact of the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices used for both work and personal pursuits is having on the work/life balance for professionals across a range of industries. One recent study showed mobile devices have contributed to the average American working seven hours each week,  [Read More…]

Unlike iCloud, Googles Rumored Cloud Storage Could Be a Privacy Nightmare

Google could easily amass a good deal of data on users of its expected cloud storage service

There have been rumors circulating for some time about Google releasing its own cloud storage service. According to reports, the service is on the verge of release a launch expected next week. Googles service will enter a crowded market of cloud providers that includes Apples iCloud, Box with its new OneCloud feature, and  [Read More…]