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8 iPhone 3D Touch Tricks That Are Actually Useful

Many iPhone users with a 3D Touch display use the feature sporadically, if at all, often because it’s a bit of a guessing game as to what actions are available with the activation of the push and pop abilities. While 3D Touch may seem a bit gimmicky at times, there are some legitimately useful cases … Read More

FBI: It’s ‘too early’ to tell if gunman’s iPhone contains useful evidence

The FBI’s campaign against Apple has been called its biggest PR disaster in history, but were its efforts to hack the San Bernardino iPhone worth it? In the FBI’s own words, it’s still too soon to tell. According to a senior FBI official, the organization won’t reveal what — if anything — it’s learned until it’s […]

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6 useful Apple Pencil apps for people who don’t draw

When I purchased a 12.9-inch iPad Pro back in November, I bought an Apple Pencil to go with it. When I decided against the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, I kept my Apple Pencil. Even though I don’t draw, I found a lot of other ways the Apple Pencil fit into my workflow. And I knew Apple […]

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Apple Watch gallery is finally useful

The official Apple Watch microsite has gained a new power this week: Now, you can check out every combination of faces, cases, and straps to get exactly the look you want. An eagle-eyed reader tipped us off to the new feature, which has only been live since yesterday. It replaces the more basic and tedious […]

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Google Maps’ iOS app just got Uber useful

Google has finally updated its iOS app to include the Uber connectivity that Android users have had for like a week now. It’s not just Uber, but that’s definitely the biggest ride-sharing company to get support in the new version. Users in Brazil, India, the UK, Spain, and Germany can also use their local call-a-car […]

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These deals on useful gear and gadgets end soon [Deals]

This week’s soon-to-end deals have got something for everybody. Whether you want to tell animated stories, guard your online and physical wallets, or keep your groove going at the gym, these are all offers worth jumping on before it’s too late. Mpow 3-Port Intelligent Car Charger – 80% off This sleek 3-port USB charging hub keeps […][Read More…]

7 useful ways to resurrect your old iPhone from the junk drawer

If you’re like me, you’ve got a junk bin full of old technology. It’s just the way we’re made; there’s nothing better than sifting through the detritus of technology that you loved. I’ve traded in my iPhone for the last…Read more ›

App widgets in OS X Yosemite will make Notification Center useful at last

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are designed to work closely together. Just like iOS 8, third-party developers are even encouraged to write extensions and widgets for their Mac apps. The result is a more seamless experience between an app’s…Read more ›

How to Track Steps & Mileage with iPhone to Make the Health App Useful

The Health app, loaded onto all iPhones with iOS 8 and sitting prominently on the home screen, is clearly ambitious, but at the moment the majority of it’s intended abilities remain inactive or useless (at least without additional third party sensors, which don’t seem to exist yet). But for those with a new iPhone, the … Read More

The iOS @@ shortcut is so useful, you’ll never use your iPhone the same way again

Text shortcuts are one of the most useful settings in iOS. Having the potential to just hit a couple of keys to input an entire string of text is a wonderful time saver… as long as you have the foresight…Read more ›