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Should You Update to MacOS Catalina? Or Wait? Or Not At All?

Wondering if you should update to MacOS Catalina or not? Are you not sure if you’re truly ready to update and install MacOS Catalina? Perhaps you have a critical app or two that you know aren’t supported by Catalina, or maybe you’re hesitant to update because your current Mac system is working just fine for … Read More

Installing iOS 13 Beta & iPadOS Beta Right Now is Easy, But Wait

Now that iOS 13 beta 1 and iPadOS beta 1 are in the wild for developers to test, an increasing number of curious users are seeking out ways to download and install the latest beta system software onto their iPhones and iPads to try out all the fancy new features. Technically, anyone can install the … Read More

Can FBI’s method open iPhone? Apple wants to wait and see

The FBI aren’t the only people interested in postponing court proceedings this week — Apple just requested a hold in its ongoing case in Brooklyn over a criminal’s locked phone. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein has already ruled in Apple’s favor, saying that the government could not compel the company to breach its own software. But […]

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You think Apple’s Smart Battery Case is ugly? Wait ’til you see its insides

For the Apple fans disappointed in the Quasimodo look of the new Smart Battery Case, there is probably great satisfaction in seeing it all busted up. Yes, the staff at iFixit wasted no time prying one open to behold the guts of the beast. iFixit did not defend the case from the “ugly” tag so […]

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Apple must wait until 2016 for tax break verdict

Having previously said that he expected to receive the European Commission’s verdict on Apple’s Irish tax arrangements by Christmas, Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan now claims that an announcement is likely to be delayed util next year. The delay in the long-running investigation is the result of regulators asking for additional information from the Irish government, which will […]

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How to use iPad Pro while you wait for your Apple Pencil

We’re all excited to start unlocking the full potential of the iPad Pro, but we have a problem: We can’t really start doing that until we can get our hands on the Apple Pencil stylus that the company swears will change how we draw virtual lines forever. As of this writing, it’s showing a four […]

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CurrentC might have to wait until 2016 to get its ass kicked

Tim Cook has claimed that 2015 is going to be the year of Apple Pay, but it might not even face serious competition until 2016. CurrentC, the payments app in development by the consortium of retailers called MCX, might not launch as soon as the company had hoped, the company’s CEO revealed in a recent […][Read More…]

Here comes the iOS 8.4 unjailbreak… wait, what?

Attention: jailbreakers. A new hack has just hit the Cydia App Store that allows you to “unjailbreak” your iPhone. And it’s surprisingly useful. Jailbreaking your iPhone has become a task of increasingly diminishing returns, given the constant improvement of iOS’s…Read more ›

Can’t wait for Suicide Squad? Check out the bad guys on TV

The upcoming Suicide Squad movie may be the most gritty and in your face version of the world-saving team of supervillains, but it isn’t the only one around. If you can’t wait until next year to see Task Force X…Read more ›

If you think Apple’s packaging is good, wait until you see these

Opening a new Apple product for the first time is pretty close to a holy experience. Part of that is because Apple spends so much time perfecting product packaging so it’s simple, elegant and secure without compromising on intuitiveness. However, it’s…Read more ›