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How to warm up and cool down with your Apple Watch

When you start a workout, Apple Watch only gives you a three-second countdown. There’s no time for a warmup first. And when you’re done, the Workout app does not prompt you to cool down either. That is very different from the treadmills and bikes you find in most gyms, which ease you gently into your […]

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Toasty touchscreen gloves keep you warm and fully connected

Lust List: Double Layered Knit Touchscreen Gloves by Mujjo It’s almost winter, and if you reside in an area with a climate like mine, you know you’ll be carrying gloves with you no matter where you go. When you live someplace like Anchorage, Alaska, even a quick trip outside to the trash bin requires that […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Stay warm & connected with the Bluetooth Beanie & Touchscreen Gloves [Deals]

Colder temperatures are here. Be ready with some super cool cold weather accessories from TRNDlabs that will ensure you stay warm and keep connected at the same time. Get Knitted Touchscreen Gloves and The Bluetooth Audio Beanie, both with huge discounts,…Read more ›

Bad Battery Life & a Warm iPhone After iOS 7.0.6 Update? That’s Easy to Fix

Some iPhone and iPad users, myself included, have experienced an unusual level of battery drain after updating devices to

Stay Warm And Connected This Winter With The Touch-Screen Compatible Gloves [Deals]

Winter’s coming, which means colder weather. And we all know how annoying it is to use our smartphones with gloves on, constantly taking them on and off to make calls and send texts. Well, no more. The touch-screen compatible gloves…Read more ›

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Leave Your Gloves On & Keep Hands Warm by Shooting iPhone Photos with Siri

For anyone who has taken an iPhone photo out in cold weather before, you know how chilly and uncomfortable it is to pull a warm glove off of your hands just so you can snap a quick picture of a nice snowy scene. That is usually necessary because the iPhone requires using the touch screen in order to launch the Camera app and then again to tap to take the photo. But that’s not necessarily the case, and you can  [Read More…]

Stay Warm And Use Your Whole Hand With These Capacitive Gloves For iPad, iPhone [Review]

Multitouch warmth. Oh, yeah.

Multitouch warmth. Oh, yeah.

It’s no longer a surprise to walk into a store that sells gloves and mittens and finding a pair with capacitive spots on the thumb and forefinger. These gloves let you tap on the screen of your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or other touchscreen device without having to take off your gloves, thereby saving you from potential cold hands or frostbite.

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Stay Warm Exploring Your Creativity On The Mac With The Winter 2011 Mac Phenom Bundle [Deals]

The Holiday season is here, and you can get all your holiday shopping done while sitting in your pajamas sippin eggnog in front of your computer screen. With the Winter 2011 Phenom Bundle you can either gift individual apps from your own bundle, or better yet, get the entire lineup for your friends and family! Were really excited to be able to bring you 11 amazing apps for a tasty price  [Read More…]