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How to Add Widgets to Today View on iPhone & iPad

The Today View on iPhone and iPad is a handy feature that gives a brief information of the day like weather, screen usage, battery percent, news and a lot more. Additionally, you could also get information from your favorite apps with the help of widgets. This article will show you how you can add widgets … Read More

How to Remove Widgets from Today Screen of iPhone or iPad

The “Today” screen of iOS contains many widgets for things like weather, news and tabloid headlines, calendar, maps, suggested apps, stocks, amongst others. This “Today” screen is available on the left-most screen and is accessible from the lock screen or Home screen of an iPhone or iPad by swiping to the right (unless you disabled … Read More

How to Disable Widgets at Lock Screen in iOS 10

With iOS 10 came the removal of Slide to Unlock, which now if the slide right gesture is repeated sends you to the Today view Widgets screen complete with weather, calendar events, tabloids and news, Siri app suggestions, stocks, maps, and whatever optional widgets you have enabled on the iPhone or iPad. This Widget screen … Read More

Show & Hide Notification Center Widgets in Today View of Mac OS X

The Mac Notification Center gained widgets in OS X Yosemite, which are revealed when the Notification Center is opened and the “Today” view is chosen. This looks and functions a bit like Widgets in iOS, and these widgets range from World Clock, Calculator, Weather, Reminders, Calendar, Stocks, Social, and an to an iTunes widget, but … Read More

Trick out your iPhone with Notification Center widgets

How to rule your iPhone’s Notification Center with widgets Swipe down from the top of your iPhone (or iPad) screen and you’ll see the new iOS 8 Notification Center. It’s got two sections, Notifications on the right and Today on…Read more ›

Awesome iOS 8 widgets that make your Today screen worth tapping

For app makers, Apple giveth widgets (and Apple taketh away)

When you live in Apple’s world as a third-party developer, you are required to play by Apple’s rules. And sometimes those rules are subject to sudden change. James Thomson, the developer behind the scientific calculator app PCalc, was notified today…Read more ›

App widgets in OS X Yosemite will make Notification Center useful at last

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are designed to work closely together. Just like iOS 8, third-party developers are even encouraged to write extensions and widgets for their Mac apps. The result is a more seamless experience between an app’s…Read more ›

How to Add, Remove, & Rearrange Widgets in Notification Center of iOS

Notification Center on the iPhone and iPad has long included items like Stocks, Reminders, Calendar, a Today summary, and a Tomorrow summary, and now new versions of iOS allow for third party widgets to be added as well. But since not every widget and notification panel applies to everyone, you may want to adjust what … Read More

How to install iOS 8′s most wicked widgets

The ability to add widgets to your Notifications dock is easily one of iOS 8′s most useful additions. The new functionality puts some of your favorite apps’ features right at your fingertips. Only a limited number of apps offer widgets…Read more ›