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How Yahoo plans to blast your Apple Watch with news

Developers are making a mad dash to finish their first Apple Watch apps before the wearable goes on sale in April. Yahoo is among those looking to make a big splash with must-have apps, and when it comes to bringing…Read more ›

Yahoo aims to kill passwords with on-demand codes

Passwords are easy to forget. They’re even easier to steal. So at the SXSW festival today, Yahoo unveiled its scheme to make permanent passwords as outdated as morse code. Yahoo announced that it’s rolling out ‘on-demand’ email passwords this year,…Read more ›

Yahoo really wants to replace Google search in Safari

The idea that Apple could dethrone Google from its perch as default search provider in Safari is nothing new. Since Apple removed Google Maps in iOS 6, it’s been clear that Google’s services aren’t necessarily something the iPhone maker feels tied to.…Read more ›

Community to be brought back for sixth season … by Yahoo

Many Community fans were upset at the news back in May that the popular sitcom was being taken off the air. Well, Yahoo has come to the rescue, announcing that it is picking up the show for a sixth season…Read more ›

After Yahoo disaster, Upcoming.org resurrects itself

  Upcoming.org – the artsy-fartsy, Apple-loving community Yahoo tried to kill – has pulled itself out of the cold clutches of death with its own Kickstarter project. And it only took 90 minutes. After being acquired by Yahoo in 2005,…Read more ›

Marissa Mayer Wants Yahoo To Be Safari’s Default Search Engine

Having seen its shares jump recently, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has another plan she hopes will continue her company’s turnaround: convincing Apple to adopt Yahoo as the default search engine for Safari on iOS. Yahoo has reportedly been working on…Read more ›

Make Siri Search the Web with Google or Yahoo Rather Than Bing in iOS

Did you know that Siri defaults to searching the web with Bing, rather than Google? Yes, the results that Siri returns when the assistant says “Here’s what I found on the web” are brought to you by Bing, but they used to be brought to you by Google. That change arrived quietly in iOS 7, … Read More

There’s Just No Getting Around Apple Buying Yahoo

Apple should buy Yahoo. This is neither a new idea, nor one acceptable to the Apple fan base. But since people briefly talked about it last year, it’s become an increasingly good idea — maybe a necessary one for Apple’s…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Yahoo! Weather Update Adds Moon Phase Animation, Pull To Refresh, More

The stunningly gorgeous Yahoo! Weather app that inspired Apple’s own new iOS 7 app for iPhone and iPad has just gotten another update, adding some great features that only enhance the usability and beauty of the app. First of all,…Read more ›    [Read More…]